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Games4coins.com .. a new service to buy Steam keys with BTX

Games4coins.com .. a new service to buy Steam keys with BTX
Artwork by Desing Team - Bitcore BTX ® 2018
Steam is a digital distribution platform developed by Valve Corporation offering digital rights management1 (DRM), multiplayer gaming and social networking services. Steam provides the user with installation and automatic updating of games on multiple computers, and community features such as friend lists and groups, cloud saving, and in-game voice and chat functionality.
If you purchase a game that uses Steam from another website as a digital download, you'll be given a product key that you use to activate the game on Steam. A Steam key is a unique code that you will use to access the full game2.
Bitcore BTX originally a hybrid fork of Bitcoin, features a proof-of work consensus mechanism and implements all of the BIPs (Bitcoin Improvement Proposals) of the Bitcoin protocol3.
Bitcore: The most clever Bitcoin fork” -- Jimmy Song, Bitcoin Core Developer
More exchanges are listing Bitcore (BTX) and businesses are adopting it. One of the latest cases of adoption of BTX is in purchasing Steam Games Key from Games4Coins.
Games4Coins is a platform that you can purchase Steam product keys. Buying a game on Games4Coins is really simple. Once you have selected a game, you can quickly and securely pay. Why we say quickly and securely? Because a powerful cryptocurrency, Bitcore (BTX) is accepted as a payment coin at this platform (Figure 1). Moreover, as a crypto, they accept only Bitcore.
Figure 1. Bitcore accepted in Games4Coins
After the transaction is complete, you gain full access to your purchased game key which is 15 letter+number code that would look something like this: 8GMR2-Q20YJ-9PDKL. Once you get that, you go into your steam app on your computer and go to Games > Activate a product on steam. Then it will have a space for you to put your code.
Bitcore is one Cryptocurrency with a big Future”. Games4Coins Team
There are totally forty seven steam games and you can pay via Bitcore for all games. Moreover the prices are very cheap, between 0.44303596 BTX and 5.41588852 BTX (Figure 2).
Figure 2. Some samples for the steam games and their price
Consequently, Bitcore is one of the best cryptos in the market. It is also one of the fastest cryptos in the market when compared to Bitcoin, Litecoin and many other top 10 cryptos. Given that transaction speeds are a factor in the applicability of crypto in real-world business usage, it then follows that Bitcore’s long-term prospects are quite good, as blockchain technology continues to gain a foothold in business. This kind of integrations could open the doors for other major businesses to adopt BTX as a payment method, further adding to the intrinsic value of this crypto. The future of Bitcore (BTX) looks great.
Author: Chris DEVTeam Bitcore | [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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1 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_rights_management
2 https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=5414-tfbn-1352
3 https://bitcore.cc/white-pape

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Why is the official GUI wallet not released yet?

This is a recurring question, from long-time holders and newcomers alike.
There is a misunderstanding here and we have to confess we have not been performing very well at dispelling it.
Truth is we are not trying to merely create a GUI, as in a GUI wrapper. Fact is these simple wrappers already exist (Jojatekok's Windows GUI, Neozaru's Qt GUI, jwinterm's lightWallet and we could probably use Bitcoin wallet too).
What we are building is more than a wrapper, it is a full-fledged scalable GUI software. And scalable is the hard part, not GUI - remember, scalability is one of the three pillars of Monero.

What is scalable?

Why is scalable important?

Because it is one of the three pillars :)
More seriously, because once the official GUI wallet will be there, visibility will increase a lot. Which means more users who know nothing about Monero and later not even about cryptocurrencies. These people won't give a second thought. One does only one first impression. It must be the right one. Hence the necessity for a wallet than can handle the load. Be scalable, not that much on a technical standpoint than on a, say, "political" standpoint.
We hope we answered your questions and, as always, don't hesitate to provide feedback. We'll do our best to make this even more clear if necessary.
This post was first published, in a slightly different version, as an answer to a commenter. Continue commenting, this is a great way to encourage us to write extensive replies!
Oh, one more thing: we do not have any release date for the GUI wallet, not even tentative. The only thing we can say is that the GUI wallet requires the database to be operational - and the database is progressing very well.
Update: some screenshots of the wallet some months ago:
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Electrum wallet review How to install Electrum Wallet for Bitcoin (BTC) on a Mac How to Download and Verify the Armory Bitcoin Wallet Bitcoin Wallet Recovery How to Mine BITCOIN  Get BITCOINS for FREE !

Bitcoin electrum, free bitcoin electrum software download. Electrum v.2.6.4. Electrum is an easy to use Bitcoin client. It protects you from losing coins in a backup mistake or computer failure, because your wallet can be recovered from a secret phrase that you can write on paper or learn by heart. can I import btc electrum wallet into my coinomi mulit-currency wallet app? They both use electrum servers and they both have seeds so it looks like they are a similar kind of wal Bitcoin Electrum Vista freeware, shareware, software download - Best Free Vista Downloads - Free Vista software download - freeware, shareware and trialware downloads. bitcoin core vs electrum - Sweep private keys with Electrum. In the Electrum window, click Wallet -> Private Keys -> Sweep. Paste the private keys from Bitcoin-Qt here. Check the resulting transaction is okay and click Broadcast to sweep from the addresses in Bitcoin Core to the Electrum wallet. - Electrum wallet vs. Bitcoin Core. Setup and Use; Bitcoin Core differs from Electrum in the sense ... Electrum Wallet Qr Code, Cerwin-Vega's XLS electrum wallet qr code series. online broker vergleich krypto. I’ve contacted Ledger regarding getting online schulung excel pivot some promo codes for our readers but at the moment they are not supplying any, electrum wallet qr code if anything changes I’ll be sure to update you..

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Electrum wallet review

How to Buy Bitcoin on Coinbase and Move it to the Electrum Bitcoin Wallet - Duration: 12:43. Rex Kneisley 8,772 views. 12:43. How Rich People Invest Their Money - Duration: 1:21:33. ... chmod +x ./electrum-navcoin pyrcc4 icons.qrc -o gui/qt/icons_rc.py-----Do you want to discover immortality? exists. Your true god is a computer, it's positive, you are currently in a psychopathic ... Installing Electrum Wallet for Bitcoin (BTC) on a Mac. If you have any further questions, please comment bellow, I will do my best to answer it. If you think my accent is funny, we have something ... in this video i have shown you how to mine bitcoins in india, i have used certain guiminer for mining and electrum as an wallet where slushpool as an mining pool. will be making video on zebpay ... This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue