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Tip some Bits, a sub for chucking pennies at each other

A place to tip some bits. Want to do a giveaway or a little contest - but aren't an early adopter with a shed full of btc? Well come on in, have some fun, throw some pennies around. We not all rich, small tips are welcome here. 10 bits, 20 bits, whatever. You can even tip out 1 satoshi if you want - that WOULD be tight!!!

09-02 17:23 - 'Hi.gus!Here's a fun new game that could make you a millionaire. Does everyone know about the 310btc challenge? This time PIP brings a brand new game: onepiece. Official website address: onepiecetoken. Top. you c...' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/onlyshoot removed from /r/Bitcoin within 2-12min

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Hi.gus!Here's a fun new game that could make you a millionaire. Does everyone know about the 310btc challenge? This time PIP brings a brand new game: onepiece. Official website address: onepiecetoken. Top. you can see the specific rules of the game on the official website!
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Author: onlyshoot
1: onepiecetoken.top
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09-02 17:13 - 'Hi.gus.Here's a fun new game that could make you a millionaire. Does everyone know about the 310btc challenge? This time PIP brings a brand new game: onepiece. Official website address: onepiecetoken.top!' (i.redd.it) by /u/onlyshoot removed from /r/Bitcoin within 4-14min

Hi.gus.Here's a fun new game that could make you a millionaire. Does everyone know about the 310btc challenge? This time PIP brings a brand new game: onepiece. Official website address: onepiecetoken.top!
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09-03 08:53 - 'Here's a fun new game that could make you a millionaire. Does everyone know about the 310btc challenge? This time PIP brings a brand new game: onepiece. Official website address: onepiecetoken. Top' (i.redd.it) by /u/onlyshoot removed from /r/Bitcoin within 4-14min

Here's a fun new game that could make you a millionaire. Does everyone know about the 310btc challenge? This time PIP brings a brand new game: onepiece. Official website address: onepiecetoken. Top
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If you want to be a millionaire, go create a poker VR game with Bitcoin

like i say, who wouldnt pay for this?
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Young Millionaire Wanchalerm Langkawiket CEO of Hashbx Global From game shop to the largest Bitcoin mining farm in Thailand, the CEO is now confident cryptocurrency will only have a more important role in the future.

Young Millionaire Wanchalerm Langkawiket CEO of Hashbx Global From game shop to the largest Bitcoin mining farm in Thailand, the CEO is now confident cryptocurrency will only have a more important role in the future. submitted by Raph0792 to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

Why Trading Crypto is Becoming a Millionaire’s Game #bitcoin #altcoins #ico https://t.co/IJKDCI7uJc - Crypto Insider Info - Whales's

Posted at: July 22, 2018 at 03:48AM
Why Trading Crypto is Becoming a Millionaire’s Game #bitcoin #altcoins #ico https://t.co/IJKDCI7uJc
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You may be in quarantine, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t! For those who don’t know, every month this subreddit makes a millionaire out of one comment, and donates. With danger out and about, take some time and comment to enter! [Drawing Thread #52]

I thought this year would be a lot more normal.

Welcome to anyone and everyone coming from /popular. To be honest, I probably should've expected this, given that most of us are staying home.
For those who aren't familiar: every month, we ask for comments for entry, and we pick one who represents our winner. This process is completely random and verifiable, using the Bitcoin blockchain as a sophisticated die. Following this, people then donate to the winner using a variety of mediums, and the winner would go on to be a "millionaire" (arguably, our definition of that term is pretty loose).
So once again, thank you for your support. The post lasts for 24 hours before getting locked, so make sure you place your comment before 7 PM ET. In addition, I may make a [Part 2] if we reach the limit. If that happens, I will sticky a comment on this post temporarily. Let's make a millionaire!
In Case You Missed It:


  • REQUIRED: Leave only one (1) top level comment in reply to this thread! (Replying to other comments will not qualify. You must be thirty days old or older to comment.)
  • A random user who commented will be chosen, and everyone donates a dollar to make a millionaire.
  • February 19 at 7:00 PM ET (epoch timestamp: 1582153200 (a bit tricky taking DST into consideration, it’s been updated)) is the cutoff for accounts. If you have created your account after this point, you are not eligible to enter and your submission will be disqualified automatically.
  • March 22 at 12:00 PM ET (epoch timestamp: 1584892800) will begin the process of selecting the winner. At this time, the [Draw] post will be online and start the process of waiting for the blockchain, in order to select the winner randomly and verifiably.
  • If you'd like to be reminded to donate to the winner through PM via the RemindMeBot, click here! You can also be reminded by commenting in the thread: "RemindMe! 3 days Donation for /millionairemakers".
  • That's it! If you would like to see the extended rules and FAQs, or if you have questions yourself, click here to be redirected to the thread! Additionally, look out for the stickied post at /millionairemakersmeta. You are welcome to spread this thread via upvoting, telling friends and family, and sharing on social media!

Major Announcements

Mini Survey:
NOTE: A Google account is required to respond to hinder tampering, but you are not obligated to answer.
So I’ve been thinking about this for a while: people are not having pleasant experiences with PayPal. If the account isn’t blocked, then there are issues with fees, fear of the seizure of funds, and the risk of revealing personally identifiable information. However, it is the largest platform used by /MillionaireMakers, and is the provider of most donations on this subreddit.
This survey is purely to see how people feel about this. Unless if the winner chooses to not accept PayPal, we will continue to offer this service for tonight’s thread.
My questions are:
1) How would you feel about a ban on the PayPal service here on /MillionaireMakers?
2) Would removing PayPal as a service affect your ability to donate?
3) Should /MillionaireMakers remove PayPal?
I will periodically post results here. If you are interested in responding, please answer here, answers will not be accepted at the time the [Draw] is posted: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSffkP3SKdTi9lLPbtO8taG4_-cdctYlAf8SvohvzoJvTOYdhw/viewform?usp=sf_link
Drawing Process Mini-Update:
This is as short as they come, leroy627 has made a commit to the repository that adds backwards-compatibility up to Python 3.5. Procedure will be run with the following conditions: the first comment of duplicates are kept for the month of March, and any ineligible comments will be removed.
If you are interested in more information, see [Drawing Thread #51]: https://reddit.com/millionairemakers/comments/f7jdxz/alright_were_getting_back_into_the_flow_happy/


Sunday at 12 PM ET (16 UTC), we will be picking our winner, and you won’t want to miss it. The post will be labeled [Draw], and one comment will be selected out of the many made here to make a winner!
Remember, this is about generosity, making an impact, and uniting to make someone's life better. It takes three minutes to donate a bit to the winner, whether you're well off and want to donate a couple bucks, or going through tough times and can only donate a few coins. Every cent makes cents, and counts!
If a lone $1 can get you a mask for obvious reasons, then imagine the possibilities with $1,000,000. You can get a full-body suit, new doors, and someone to love you! Admittedly, for the wrong reasons, but the option is there.
A million dollars can make someone’s suffering less sufferable. Spread the word: have your friends and family comment, post the link to your friendly-neighborhood social media network, and share it to anyone interested.

Let’s make a millionaire!

Why, kind Haiku? Why?
Am I to atone in home?
Perhaps. I’ll get by.
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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: If you want to be a millionaire, go create a poker VR game with Bitcoin /r/Vive

Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: If you want to be a millionaire, go create a poker VR game with Bitcoin /Vive submitted by HiIAMCaptainObvious to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: If you want to be a millionaire, go create a poker VR game with Bitcoin /r/Vive

Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: If you want to be a millionaire, go create a poker VR game with Bitcoin /Vive submitted by HiIAMCaptainObvious to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

Planning to make "Dogecoin Millionaire", a game like "Bitcoin Billionaire".

So yeah, recently, a new game by Noodlecake Studios and FizzPow games has been released on iOS. It's called BITCOIN BILLIONAIRE.
It's an Idle Game, which means the game's purpose is to waste your time while you're waiting, doing nothing, bored, etc.. Another best example of this would be Cookie Clicker.
So yeah, I'm not just sharing this to you, but I'm also making this so called "Text Post" (coz i'm new) to look for Pixel Art makers out there to help me do the art thingy in the game. Yes, I love pixels, and BTC Billionaire is using pixel art.
Here's how you apply: - Name: (Full name tho, don't use initials) - Email/Gmail: (You can use yahoo) - Samples of Pixel Art made: (Must be yours, and truly yours.)
By the way, I'm looking for just 1-2 Pixel Art Designers. I'm also a Pixel Art designer but I do not use that skill on making art, I use Cinema 4D. . Well anyway, there's also another Text Post i've made on /java, because I'm looking for java coders as well. (Yes, we'll start at PC, then go to Android, then iOS, if possible) It's not out, but I might put up the link later if It's done.
You can apply also there if you're a Programmer or so.. :)
So yeah, that's all, hope there will be Pixel Art designers that will help this idea come true! :D ~xcoud
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Should you Buy Bitcoin? If you understand what it is, and where it's going; then Yes. If you don't know what it is and would sell at any sign of a 5%, 10%, 50%, or more dip; then, No.

Bitcoin is only a safe investment if you understand what it is, and how it will continue to be adopted into this world at this point in its life, regardless of the market price swings in the short term. Because only then will you never cement a loss by panic selling, and then seeing Bitcoin runaway in price while you're still out, therefore losing both your Dollar value and your Bitcoin position value.
I've been in Bitcoin for over 8 years now, and have seen many friends, family, and acquaintances come into Bitcoin, and many panic sell and FUD out during a down market. Most eventually coming back after learning more about Bitcoin, but some, for some it takes a long time to return. And for an even smaller few, well they never return, or at least not yet.

But in essence, Bitcoin is only a safe investment if someone understands that their amount of Bitcoin is more important than whatever dollar value it has in the short term. That all they should be focused on is acquiring more Bitcoin, and that every 5 years after a halving happens, they'll see their coins grow in value. That they'll grow in value thanks to the math of its limited 21 million total coin supply, the new coin supply getting cut in half by the halvings making a more and more or the total supply being held by hodlers every year, and that its continued adoption into the global markets will always force it to eventually go up in price because those new adopters will always have to find what price those hodlers are willing to sell, finding Bitcoins new value that hodlers are willing to sell each time that happens, regardless of the short term evaluation corrections after a parabolic runs.

Corrections mind, you that on average are only 80%, leaving anyone in before a 1000% growth parabolic runs to still being up 200% as long as they bought before the parabolic run started. The .com stock fluctuations were fluctuating on averages of 99% corrections during its first 15 years of life from the '90s to the early 2000s. And the ones that survived those early days were previously the best investments in history before Bitcoin came along. So Bitcoin is holding a better correction in its early day pattern than the biggest internet companies when they started, and its returns have already broken any records they previously held. Records they'll never be able to catch up to as Bitcoin continues its path.

If they don't understand this, then even if they don't leave the market, they'll panic sell every time. And for some friends I know, they'll always sell at a dip right before a parabolic run, and then FOMO back in at a new all-time high, only to experience the next correction and sell again at their break-even point. With this, losing more Bitcoin position every time, but maintaining the same initial investment point which in their eyes as a win.

I have one friend who came in with 10k in 2013, and today in 2020 is still only at 10k thanks to this pattern of buying and selling. Don't get me wrong, they've been up well over 100k$ at times, but they kept panicking selling at every parabolic run's slightest dip, then buying back in at the new all-time highs, only to then sell low in a repetitive cycle until they broke even.

People like that friend try to play the market, and yes while they do win sometimes, that pattern of buying and selling will almost always lead you to get rekt during times of parabolic growth, and correction. Had my friend just held his initial 10k investment in 2013, he'd be a multi-millionaire right now. It's one of the most golden rules with investing in any market. If you try to play it, eventually it will play you. Instead, just find a market on the path of growth, and longevity, and do everything you can to just increase your piece of that market's pie, no matter what the price. If it goes down in price in the short term, then just think of it like a rare Gucci purse or limited edition rare popular shoes that are being released on sale. Buy the damn discount and hold onto that shit until the market catches up with what you know and realizes it's true value.

Because of all these experiences throughout the years, if I'm trying to help anyone start buying Bitcoin, I tell them to learn about it first before buying any. To learn what it is, study its history, it's adoption growth, where it can be adopted, where it is being adopted, what it's limited 21 million coin supply is, and about what the halvings mean to its long term value. How it can and will be used, how they can protect it, etc. I always want them to learn enough about it to understand why HODLing is so important, and that the only thing that matters is that they increase their Bitcoin supply. That's the safest way to win in this game. Without understanding that, then they're a financial danger to themselves if investing in Bitcoin. Not because Bitcoin is a bad investment, but because they'll be a bad investor.
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Bitcoiners vs Altcoiners, and a lesson learned.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. It's only my personal opinion. You can agree or disagree. Stay civil.
It seems clear that we're in a new Bitcoin rally. With Bitcoin ready to attack its latest ATH, the question arises: Should we buy Bitcoin? My answer is: It depends. If we buy a Bitcoin now and it reaches its current all time high, we'd be talking about a return of less than double. That's very little considering that this is crypto and crypto means sick profits. If the good predictions came true and it reached $100,000, we would be talking about something less than x10 of profit. This is a lot. Not bad at all. But being crypto and being Bitcoin, I still find it a bit poor considering the tremendous effort that Bitcoin would need to make. One thing is clear, if you want an insane profit, the moon, the lambo, you have to go for altcoins and use Bitcoin as a volatility catalyst. That is, when Bitcoin goes up and drags the whole market up. If you're looking for the dream of becoming a millionaire, you have to assume it's too late to buy Bitcoin, unless you're willing to invest a lot of money or you're convinced it can reach 500k or even 1 million. Which I personally see as unlikely, at least in the short term. Bitcoin, however, can be used as a store of value. Even if some people disagree with this, the truth is that Bitcoin is nearly 12 years old and has only been more expensive than today during a few days in all this time. This is what a store of value is supposed to be. And it's not even mainstream yet.
So what altcoins to buy? When I think of altcoins I am thinking of tokens with less than 1B market capitalization. Tokens with a great growth potential. Of course, the smaller their market capitalization the more price potential, but also the risk is higher. Personally, I think the risk, during the Bitcoin bull cycle, is a bit overestimated, since the whole market goes up. It's very difficult for the lowcap token you've bought not to appreciate by at least a X10. I speak from the experience of having lived the 2017 bull market. It is very important to choose tokens with the lowest possible supply. In a frantic market, where Bitcoin is spreading collective hysteria throughout the market, the utility of the token takes a back seat. It's the scarcity of that token what will determine its price potential. And the exposure. And the exchanges the token is being traded on, or potential big exchanges that it will be added.
Lesson that I learned.
I have explained this a few times already on reddit. I once had 18 Bitcoin. Today it would be $234,000. I didn't sell them to make a profit, I've always been convinced that Bitcoin was going to reach 6 digits and I'm still convinced of that right now. I lost 18 Bitcoin for trying to tame the market. It's impossible to tame the market. An idea as seemingly simple as buying cheap and selling expensive unwittingly changes into buying expensive and selling cheap. Cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile. There is no comparison to anything else. No one is mentally prepared to see Bitcoin fall by 50% after buying, or to see Bitcoin increase in value by 50% after selling. The stress that these situations put on our weak minds is what makes us fail. Taming the market is exactly the same as gambling. You're betting that Bitcoin will go down and therefore you're selling. Or you bet that Bitcoin will go up and therefore you buy. You can get it right once, but sooner or later you'll fail and ruin everything. It's a lottery. Everybody in Reddit likes to show off when they make a successful trade, but only a few post when they fuck it up.
In 2017 I had around 2500 tokens of a shitcoin called XLM (Solaris). A very scarce token I bought very cheap. If I recall correctly, I sold them all at 20something cents and placed a buy order at 15 cents. The shit went down to 16 or 17 cents… then skyrocketed to $40 in December. My buy order was never executed.
There's no way to predict the future, even with all those lines that people who want to be famous do at the expense of your naivety, the market analysts. Just buy and hold. Don't trade. Don't risk losing. Don't play like this is a casino, this is an investment and investments take time. I was one of the lucky ones who bought XRP for less than a penny. I find it very funny when people make jokes about the price of XRP. A lot of people are in the red with XRP and think that XRP is a shitty coin. However, there is something they don't understand. They are not objectively evaluating XRP because they bought it at a very specific time. I have never been in the red with XRP because I bought before the 2017 jump. They and I simply see reality from different perspectives. The token is the same for us, our point of view is not. They call a token that has yielded a fantastic X100 from my investment a shitcoin. It's a matter of perspective. I want to tell you that for years, people who bought Bitcoin at $1000 were suffering tremendous losses, as Bitcoin dropped to $200 after that. Today everyone would kill to be able to buy a single Bitcoin at $1000. PERSPECTIVE. The casino is a short term game. The investments are LONG-TERM projects.
The 2017 bull run took the whole market to a new level and never went back. Are we going to see a new level in 2021?
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It's always about the present and never the future.

Well, it's that way for ME, anyway. My parents were so focused on my brother. He had to be "the best" in school, whatever that means. There was a student who did better than him academically. They made her out to be such a villain. They made my brother's eighth-grade teacher out to be a villain. I think she was related to the owner of a local Chinese eatery that I kept being taken to.
Yeah, so they got to talk about his teacher each Friday I was taken to that Chinese eatery. I had done a lot of wandering in my youth. Whenever my parents were preoccupied being social, I'd wander. The Chinese eatery was pretty big, so I could wander around in there. I saw the first person win through Who Wants to be a Millionaire? during that wandering. Also, the XFL was on that TV.
In fact, there was a lot of bumming around in TVs while I was stuck around my parents being social. I've never had interest in being social. Whenever my parents had guests over at the house, I stayed in my parents' room and watched TV in there. When I was taken to the house of the person who my grandmother got to know my old house from, I'd watch TV in there. When I was taken to the bank for so long, I'd watch TV in the conference room.
Oh, that or Game Boy. Someone had a Game Boy, so I was holed up in their room playing their goddamn Game Boy and looking at his magazines. I was taken to a ski resort at the age of eight and I just wandered in there. I did wandering in parking lots. Every Saturday was a shopping spree that I was forced to accompany my family on, so I wandered in Sports Authority, Modell's, CompUSA, Staples, Circuit City, The Wiz, Motophoto, Jennifer Convertible, Lord and Taylor, Macy's, Sears, and Huffman Koos.
I was forced to attend so many dinners at my parents' synagogue. I wandered during those, too.
During my brother's swim meets and basketball games, I wandered. During his soccer games, I had wandered. My second grade teacher had recommended me for the Gifted Child Society. It often wasn't over when my class was over, though. My mother would sit in the cafeteria and listen to some really weird post-Columbine fear mongering and I'd wander.
I'd watch TV whenever I went to my the houses of my parents' friends while they'd chit-chat. Also, my parents have this grand story about this birthday party for my father's friend's son. He was a year old. His grandparents were there from Nepal. There was this big cake fight and I was in a room upstairs playing Pac-Man on DOS.
I wandered around the local mini-golf place, too. This push for my brother to be "the best" gave him problems, by the way. My mother was on the phone with his fifth-grade teacher at night and his teacher was crying. He was saying that "she only liked the suckups." His problems as an adolescent were very strange. I don't know if that's normal when I've just wanted to be isolated.
I couldn't take it at the public schools. I've never been good at handling anything organized. Due to my reactions, I was sent to a special needs school. I was forced to comply being there. That place was an extension of my parents. I say that when my mother would have LONG conversations with my "teachers" on the phone over the weekend. Those were no "teachers." The place was a private hospital.
With my brother, my parents were SO focused on the U.S. News and World Report "Best Colleges" list that's published each year. He was lucky. He got to leave to dorms while I was stuck around some stark raving lunatics. After he graduated, my parents paid for an apartment in Manhattan for my brother when he couldn't find a job. Also, he got to spend time away from their eye. I never had that. From the special needs school to the child study team at my high school...Well, one day, I couldn't take it so bad that I made my aide cry. Yes, my mother would have long conversations on the phone with my aide during the weekend.
Some days, I just didn't want to return to that house and I'd get off the bus and and walk away from the house. My mother would keep yelling out the car window "Come on! Get in the car! Come on! Get in! Get in the car! Come on! Get in the car!"
I was the anime freak, the Star Wars nerd, the Nintendo fanboy, a Pixar aficionado, Ace Attorney's biggest fan, and obsessed with Rugrats. Here's the thing, though. I never liked any of that stuff. It's even less that I had to cope. I was forced into stuff and I was always being watched. I was forced to be around the wrong people. I always got commentary. I was always made fun of. Ten years ago, I could barely speak. A few days ago, my mother told me that I have a greater command of the English language than my brother does.
I don't want to deal with fiction. In more recent years, my brother would say things like "[My name] doesn't watch TV!" Yeah, after all the TV that I watched, I "didn't watch TV."
I started doing things on my own at nearly the age of 21, but only because I had forced my way out of my family's ridiculous confines. All they could do was make fun of me. Nearing my 21st birthday, I did something with a group in Manhattan for my whole family to make fun of me upon my return home. I decided not to talk to them. My father had said "He'll talk to us in a few DAYS!" I didn't talk to them for six months.
I made myself feel so sick dealing with that nerd culture stuff and forcing myself to be social. I needed something away from that house. I had used to drive. I'd drive away from my parents and they'd get so ridiculous about it. I couldn't leave the house without it having to have been something to panic over. My father is so damaged. He still gets those frights because "I would drive away and be away for hours" and that "I'd wait in parking lots and sometimes, leave at 6 am."
They had no problems with my brother going away for days to so-called "parties." The one time I left for days, it was to BronyCon. It was all that I could've done "for days" away from that house. It made me feel so sick. I had returned for my parents to...nevermind.
As for the title of this post, when I first took a class at my school ten years ago and my professor was talking about good money that I could make, my father had told me "DON'T WORRY ABOUT THE MONEY!" That's when his OCD obsession all my life had been money. It was demeaning, like "Don't have CHILDREN WITH HER!" from my mother to my brother was demeaning. They were talking about some peer of my brother's who had "a brother with a disability." My mother was always an expert in my brother's peers. I was in my mother's car hearing my mother talk about my brother's female peer who "was flat." Creepy...
I didn't want peers, but I was forced into having the most inappropriate peers. It was always "how much money my brother was going to make," but as for me, why am I the only one ever talking about how I'll have a job someday? Why does my mother want me to shut up about that when I'm with my father? My brother would always talk about how my grandmother had said "You're going to need to manage his finances someday!" to him.
I fought and I dug myself out of the hole that had been dug FOR ME to be where I am now. I want to drive again. I've been doing what I've had to do to repair my credit score so that I can finance a car. Yet, my mother is so against it. She panics over it when I talk about it. This isn't cool. I get to feeling unwell in this apartment being in here all day. My mother taking me out for drives does so much for me. I want to be able to do that myself. Why is that such an extravaganza?
I don't love them. I used to be angry at myself for spending my Bitcoin...again...earlier this year. I can't blame myself, though. Despite all my goals for the future, my parents only focus on the now that's in their heads. I go CRAZY being in this apartment and my mother has the nerve to tell me "You don't like your apartment anymore? You used to like it!" and "What about your SCHOOLWORK?" I want a balance in my life. Why does my mother get agitated when I tell her that?
When I spent that year trying to leave that house, my father had told me "Let's FACE IT! Who knows if you're ever going to make a decent living?"
I'm leaving the country some day. It's not because I worship another country. I just want my own goddamn life that makes sense. The amount of crying that I did all my life wasn't normal.
I'm just reminding myself that I need to not be swayed by them. They honestly love me, but they're fucking ridiculous and the ideas that they have about me are wrong. I'm sick of my mother telling me about "my crazy side" when I'm just trying to let out tension that builds up.
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Forex Trading in Kenya.

Someone posted on here a few days ago asking about forex and forex trading in Kenya, I have gone through the responses and clearly, most people don’t have an idea. It is 3am in the morning and am in a good mood so let me make this post. This will be a comprehensive and lengthy post so grab a pen and paper and sit down. We’ll be here a while.
FIRST OF ALL, who am I..?
I am a forex trader, in Nairobi, Kenya..i have been actively involved in forex since I found out about it in Feb 2016 when I somehow ended up in a wealth creation seminar (lol) in pride inn Westlands, the one close to Mpaka Rd. Luckily for me, it was not one of those AIM global meetings or I’d be on Facebook selling God knows what those guys sell. I did not take it seriously till August of the same year and I have been active ever since.
I don’t teach, mentor or sell a course or signals, I trade my own money. I am also posting from a throwaway account because I don’t want KRA on my ass.
What the fuck is forex and forex trading.
In simple plain English, forex is like the stock market but for currencies. Stock Market = Shares, forex = currencies. If you want more in-depth explanation, google is your friend.
These currencies are pegged on specific countries, united states- dollar, UK- pound, euro zone- euro, Switzerland- Swiss franc, Kenya- Kenya shilling.. you get the point. Now, there are specific events and happenings between these economies that affect the movement and values of the currencies, driving their value (purchasing power up and down). Forex trading exploits these movements to make money. When the value is going up, we buy and vice versa (down –sell)
Is forex trading illegal in Kenya? Is it a scam?
Illegal, no. scam, no. All the banks in the world do it (KCB made about 4 billion from trading forex in 2019)
Have there been scams involving forex in Kenya?
Yes. Here is one that happened recently. This one is the most infamous one yet. Best believe that this is not the end of these type of scams because the stupidity, greed and gullibility of human beings is unfathomable.
However, by the end of this post, I hope you won’t fall for such silliness.
What next how do I make it work..?
Am glad you asked. Generally, there are two ways to go about it. One, you teach yourself. This is the equivalent of stealing our dad’s car and hoping that the pedal you hit is the brake and not the accelerator. It is the route I took, it is the most rewarding and a huge ego boost when you finally make it on your own. Typically, this involves scouring the internet for hours upon hours going down rabbit holes, thinking you have made it telling all your friends how you will be a millionaire then losing all your money. Some people do not have the stomach for that.
The second route is more practical, structured and smarter.
First Learn the basics. There is a free online forex course at www.babypips.com/learn/forex this is merely an introductory course. Basically it is learning the parts of a car before they let you inside the car.
Second, start building your strategy. By the time you are done with the babypips, you will have a feel of what the forex market is, what interests you, etc. Tip..Babypips has a lot of garbage. It is good for introductory purposes but not good for much else, pick whatever stick to you or jumps at you the first time. Nonsense like indicators should be ignored.
The next step is now the most important. Developing the skill and building your strategy. As a beginner, you want to exhaust your naivety before jumping into the more advanced stuff. Eg can you identify a trend, what is a pair, what is position sizing, what is metatrader 4 and how to operate it, what news is good for a currency, when can I trade, what are the different trading sessions, what is technical analysis, what is market sentiment, what are bullish conditions what is emotion management, how does my psychology affect my trading (more on this later) an I a swing, scalper or day trader etc
Mentors and forex courses.. you have probably seen people advertising how they can teach and mentor you on how to trade forex and charging so much money for it. Somehow it seems that these people are focused on the teaching than the trading. Weird, right..? Truth is trading is hard, teaching not quite. A common saying in the industry is “Those who can’t trade, teach” you want to avoid all these gurus on Facebook and Instagram, some are legit but most are not. Sifting the wheat from the chaff is hard but I did that for you. The info is available online on YouTube, telegram channels etc. am not saying not to spend money on a course, if you find a mentor whose style resonates with you and the course is reasonably priced, please, go ahead and buy..it will cut your learning curve in half. People are different. What worked for me might not work for you.
Here are some nice YouTube channels to watch. These guys are legit..
  1. Sam sieden
  2. Cuebanks
  3. TheCoinFx
  4. The trading channel
  5. Astro
  6. Forex family
  7. Wicksdontlie
Advanced stuff
  1. ICT
After a short period of time, you will be able to sniff out bs teachers with relative ease. You will also discover some of your own and expand the list. Two tips, start with the oldest videos first and whichever of these resonates with you, stick with till the wheels fall off.
How long will it take until things start making sense
Give yourself time to grow and learn. This is all new to you and you are allowed to make mistakes, to fail and discover yourself. Realistically, depending on the effort you put in, you will not start seeing results until after 6 months. Could take longeshorter so there is no guarantee.
Social media, Mentality, Psychology and Books
Online, forex trading might not have the best reputation online because it takes hard work and scammers and gurus give it a bad name. However, try to not get sucked into the Instagram trader lifestyle as it is nowhere close to what the reality is. You will not make millions tomorrow or the day after, you might never even make it in this market. But that is the reality of life. Nothing is promised, nothing is guaranteed.
Your mentality, beliefs and ego will be challenged in this market. You will learn things that will make you blood boil, you will ask yourself daily, how is this possible, why don’t they teach this in school..bla bla bla..it will be hard but growth is painful, if it wasn’t we’d all be billionaires. Take a break, take a walk, drink a glass of whatever you like or roll one..detox. Chill with your girl (or man) Gradually you will develop mental toughness that will set you up for life. Personally, I sorta ditched religion and picked up stoicism. Whatever works for you.
Psychology, this is unfortunately one of the most neglected aspects of your personal development in this journey. Do you believe in yourself? Can you stand by your convictions when everyone is against you? Can you get up every day uncertain of the future? There will be moments where you will question yourself, am I even doing the right thing? the right way? It is normal and essential for your growth. People who played competitive sports have a natural advantage here. Remember the game is first won in your head then on the pitch.
Books: ironically, books that helped me the most were the mindset books, Think and grow rich, trading for a living, 4 hour work week, the monk who sold his Ferrari..just google mindset and psychology books, most trading books are garbage. Watch and listen to people who have made it in the investing business. Ray Dalio, warren, Bill Ackman and Carl Icahn.
This is turning out to be lengthier than I anticipated so I’ll try to be brief for the remaining parts.
You will need to open up an account with a broker. Get a broker who is regulated. Australian ones (IC Market and Pepperstone) are both legit, reliable and regulated. Do your research. I’d avoid local ones because I’ve heard stories of wide spreads and liquidity problems. International brokers have never failed me. There are plenty brokers, there is no one size fits all recommendation. If it ain’t broke..don’t fix it.
Money transfer.
All brokers accept wire transfers, you might need to call your bank to authorize that, avoid Equity bank. Stanchart and Stanbic are alright. Large withdrawals $10k+ you will have to call them prior. Get Skrill and Neteller if you don’t like banks like me, set up a Bitcoin wallet for faster withdrawals, (Payoneer and Paypal are accepted by some brokers, just check with them.)
How much money can I make..?
I hate this question because people have perceived ceilings of income in their minds, eg 1 million ksh is too much to make per month or 10,000ksh is too little. Instead, work backwards. What % return did I make this month/ on this trade. Safaricom made 19.5% last year, if you make 20% you have outperformed them. If you reach of consistency where you can make x% per month on whatever money you have, then there are no limits to how much you can make.
How much money do I need to start with..?
Zero. You have all the resources above, go forth. There are brokers who provide free bonuses and withdraw-able profits. However, to make a fulltime income you will need some serious cash. Generally, 50,000 kes. You can start lower or higher but if you need say 20k to live comfortably and that is a 10% return per month, then you can do the math on how big your account should be. Of course things like compound interest come into play but that is dependent on your skill level. I have seen people do spectacular things with very little funds.
Talk to a lawyer or an accountant. I am neither.
Family? Friends?
Unfortunately, people will not understand why you spend hundreds of hours watching strangers on the internet so it is best to keep it from them. Eventually you will make it work and they will come to your corner talking about how they always knew you’d make it.
The journey will be lonely, make some trading buddies along the way. You’d be surprised at how easy it is when people are united by their circumstances (and stupidity) I have guys who are my bros from South Africa and Lebanon who I have never met but we came up together and are now homies. Join forums, ask questions and grow. That is the only way to learn. Ideally, a group of 5-10 friends committed to learning and growth is the best model. Pushing each other to grow and discovering together.
Forex is real and you can do amazing things with it. It is not a get rich quick scheme. If you want a quick guaranteed income, get a job.
And now it is 5am, fuck.
This is oversimplified and leaves out many many aspects.
Happy to answer any questions.
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Some sites to make extra money

Hello Fellow Redditors,
I am going to list some of my income sources. I will try to give as much information as I can.
Some details about me:I am u/abhiearns, I am currently studying. I want to create some sort of extra income sources. I have been trying to use beermoney as well as other passive income communities like passive_income, passiveincome to find some sites and sources that can work for me.
Enough with the details, Let start by listing some of my extra income sources.
Active Earning: So, I will start with sites on which you have to work actively and devote some serious hours to earn some extra income. These are some beermoney sites (include survey sites, and other such sites):

Passive Earning (No Initial Investments): These will list some of my passive earning sources, I am not listing my investments here because I think they deserve a separate section.Disclaimer: I have 2 laptops and an extra phone so I use all of them for earning, the payments may vary depending on the number and power of various computers.

Passive Earning (Investments Required): These are the sources which require some sort of initial investment. These sources can be risky and there are chances to lose money.

\** I am still trying other sites and apps. I will keep updating this post.*
These are some of the sources I use to earn, I highly recommend these. I won't say you will become a millionaire using these but still its little more than you had yesterday.
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Freebay AG

Jesus H. Christ, I nearly fell hook, line and sinker for what appears to be an innocuous triangle on the surface but is actually a lording pyramid in truth.

On Monday my friend who happens to be a semi-pro sportsman with his eyes on the financial freedom dream you see in YouTube ads rocks up to my house. He's parked outside and reckons to me, "dude, are you keen to go to a board game thing where you learn how to manage your finances?"
I'm usually against financial preaching and stuff because it usually sounds hokey and bullshit, but against my better judgement I cave in and we go. The whole ride there he's telling me about this amazing mentor that's going to make me learn about making money without any effort, a dude I'm going to call James. Now James is a charming, well-off guy with a family. He doesn't quite have the YouTube millionaire lifestyle that you usually expect in this sort of 'profession' but I'd happily trade places with him if the opportunity presented itself.

Anyhow, from moment one, James and my friend are mouthing off incessantly about how much money they're making on Freebay. Mind you, I'm oblivious to what the fuck is going on because I don't understand what's cracking - but literally the whole time there's graphs on a screen, and they're talking about these magical AI bots that guarantee returns on investment. Now this is South Africa, and these blokes are talking about making something like 10 000 USD in a month!? Do you know that 10 000 USD in South Africa is like enough to pay for an entire undergraduate degree at the best university in the country, and these geezers are making this shit in a month? Fucking hell.

Anyhow, we digress from the discussion about Bitcoin and that to get to the meat and potatoes of the meet-up, which was to play that Cashflow game that that bloke who wrote Rich Dad Poor Dad formulated. Before we got to playing the game we had this zoom webinar with fellow victims... I mean participants, and they're all monotonously droning on with a despondent stare the same principles from this book that's supposed to be the Bible to financial freedom. There's a charismatic bloke leading the charge and the whole thing feels eerily reminiscent to a cult, in retrospect. You see, in the moment I'm eating all of this shit up about how wealth is a mindset and what not, and when I consider the conversation that was had around me just before the webinar - I saw two positive blokes trusting in this 'company' or whatever and seeing clear cut returns. Maybe they're right, maybe they're onto something. We play this game and that's all I'm thinking about: passive income, wealth, financial freedom - FREEBAY.

After the game, I'm sat talking to this James bloke, his missus and my mate. They're apparently all on this Freebay tip making stacks of foreign cash that doesn't get taxed by the government, and now they're sizing me up. I tell them I'm a small-time writer in uni studying to become a teacher. They tell me that I can exponentially increase my earning potential by watching the link to video that my friend had sent to me during the webinar, and then by opting into a 190 EUR package... the same things I running through my mind: passive income, wealth, financial freedom - FREE FUCKING BAY.

And then I go home, ruminate over the whole thing and begin my research. The whole thing? A facade. Apparently, this Freebay shit was being run under the name of some other pyramid/ponzi-esque cryptocurrency racket called Karatbay and people got fucking conned out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Suddenly, I realise from the website that they posture themselves as 'affiliate marketers' or whatever in an attempt to hide in plain sight. What's worse is that when I play the sequence of events back in my mind from the beginning when my friend randomly rocked up to my house, the whole thing felt like an entire fucking rat trap and I nearly fell for it too. What blows is that my buddy is balls deep in the pyramid and he's blinded by the illusion that he'll find wealth with these people. He's on the prowl for every friend, family member and acquaintance he can get his hands on and it sucks to see him acting this way.

I just thought I'd share my story. Always be on the lookout guys, these motherfuckers are everywhere - try and save your buddies from this shite. Also, I just thought it'd be wise to mention the name FreeBay in any anti-MLM rhetoric you spew, because these people are predatory as hell.
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Well, I got my initial investment out ... and then some.

Here’s my story, for what it’s worth:
In July of 2017 I had heard about crypto currency and decided to buy my first 2 litecoin on coinbase. I started to see that go up, so I got some Ethereum and watched that move up as well. Then got some Bitcoin, and I think things went down a little while in the red and then back up a little. I researched and heard about Antshares and had to get some! So it moved like a beast in August I think with the rebrand to Neo.
I was hooked. I had half my investments in the stock market and half in crypto. I moved everything to crypto. I then started putting more in than the limits I set for myself. More money in, and more money in. I diversified into all the popular 2017 alts including Qash. The second week of 2018 my portfolio skyrocketed, thanks to Neo. I couldn’t believe it! I was on my way to become a millionaire, lol, just keep holding cause it will always go up!
Then the rest of 2018 happened. Everything, down down down. I started believing in Qash more and more, and they talked a big game! I knew my retirement lied in Qash. At some point I eventually went all in on Qash. And then like an idiot, took a loan to buy more “I mean it was only $0.50, it was about to explode because they were about to deliver so much awesome stuff right??
I was getting close to breaking even. I was now in the red. Then I was more in the red. I’d say I got down to 1/6 of my initial investment. Sucked, but I still believed, like a doofus.
Then I watched a Chico video in December I believe about an interesting little token. For the first time, I actually did some research on it (outside of YouTube lol) and decided to sell a little Qash at a loss and use a decentralized exchange for the first time. Switcheo it was, and that was a cool experience, props to them, hope they are successful.
As time went on (not learning my lesson about going all in) I cut ties with all of my Qash, because screw them, and put everything in this little token, because I could see how this token could actually go up in value, despite what the crypto market was doing. This was early to mid 2019. During the time of going out of Qash to the other token, Qash was anywhere from equal to double the other token’s value. At the time of this post, Qash is now around $.0456 and seems dead to me, and the other token is over $1.50 with so much they’re delivering, almost everyday now it feels like. The team is just a beast.
So anyway, I kept putting my fiat in this one token, more and more. 2020, I was finally in the green?!?! It’s been like 2 years since I’ve been there! So recently it’s been on quite the run. I’ve learned at least 1 lesson from 2018, and that’s to take profits this time. I’ve been selling little bits here and there and finally got my initial investment out, plus what I might will need if I need to pay taxes on that (trying to be a good citizen). And I still have plenty left cause it did like a 10x.
I still very much believe in this token; the tokenomics are unlike anything else I’ve seen in the crypto space. As long as its platform is successful, it will go up in value despite what bitcoin or anything else is doing. It has a real world use, and I’ve used it a couple times, and it was great! It’s also setup for people outside of the crypto space to use it. I believe it will be a lot of people’s first cryptocurrency, and will bring a lot of people into the space as a whole. This current run on it’s on is speculative, I know, but the use case will catch up, and I feel it’s undervalued compared to the majority of vaporware or useless stuff in the crypto market. I feel totally confident being all in on it, especially with house money now.
This has changed my life as I’ve paid some things off for me and my wife allowing us to have a more comfortable financial situation. So it wasn’t all for nothing, and I also just got lucky.
TL;DR. I guess the moral of the story is: if you invest in something (crypto related), figure out what about its use case will make it go up in value other than speculation, be careful about buying promises rather than working products, and don’t be too greedy to take profits just because you “think” it will keep going up.
Good luck everyone, be smart(er than me), and be healthy!
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[Winner’s Thread #49] What a way to end the decade!

This has honestly been an amazing experience, just seeing the notifications pop up made me feel fuzzy inside. Never expected to be the winner of a drawing that had so many participants (hence the ampersand comment lol), and I’m still in disbelief at my luck and all the kind messages that I’ve received from all of you.
I’m currently a student studying political science while doing some freelance work on the side when I have the time. I’m planning on putting this money towards new cushions for my cat to file her nails on, and maybe a little towards student loans if there’s anything left after that. I still live with my parents and grandparents, but I am in Southern California, so I don’t think it’s that unexpected. I spend most of my free time playing video games (xbox and pc), basketball, and noodling around on my guitar.
Can’t wait to pay it forward as this sub goes on, think it would be amazing to crowdfund a millionaire one day. Thank you for all your donations, it means a lot to me, more than I could write up in this post just so I don’t reveal too much personal info. Wish I could message you all individually but that probably isn’t realistic, so thank you for your contributions and I hope you all have a happy holiday season, I know I’m going to thanks to your generosity.
Everything listed should result in direct lines of payment to ahyeg. We ask all users to donate at least $1 USD. The Drawing is also listed for users who want to see the results and confirm the validity of the winner.
Drawing: https://old.reddit.com/millionairemakers/comments/ee6mzd/draw_49/
PayPal: paypal.me/ahyeg
Google Pay: [email protected]
Square Cash: $ahyeg
Bitcoin: 1MTHhAxfHuDnHujU1SDiUgK3vvzHNQkSse
Bitcoin Cash: bitcoincash:qq44mjry0er660z93dvcwmy6qhtrum83lg4nyaqagm
Litecoin: LdAejKxk9mWShfTBTJUzikXuTYWzRYpTqY
Nano: nano_18jqjbtjn6i1gtd13t9jrh5ob3sax4gonqonqdhnskwcj5rff3m9crsa8hga
Ethereum: 0x42A9ebBb7940F1c35DA2445c96F140788fF3981D
Venmo: @ahyeg
Its been less than 24 hours but I still can't get the goofy smile off of my face, all of you are absolutely amazing. Everyone giving what they can adds up so quickly that what may seem like an insignificant contribution can make a big difference at the end. The best part of this has been seeing how kind so many people are, it really helps to reinforce that idea of "faith in humanity", that we can all put a little effort towards making a difference because you've all certainly helped make a difference in my life. My entire family's been blown away by this, my cat is still none the wiser, but I assure you she's been getting many scratches on your behalf. I've attached a total so far (hopefully my formatting is correct), it's not quite a million yet but it's certainly insane to think about. Hope you all enjoy the holidays and I'll try to post updated totals when I can. Thank you all again!!
Paypal 1448
Bitcoin 60
Bitcash 2
Square Cash 99
Nano 1009
Litecoin 5
Total 2623
12/24/19 5:00am pst
Paypal 2894
Bitcoin 1112
Ethereum 18
Bitcash 52
Square Cash 265
Nano 1009
Lite 11
Total 5361
Update 12/26/19 8:32pm pst
Paypal 3643
Bitcoin 1122
Ethereum 35
Google Pay 380
Venmo 518
Bitcash 60
Square Cash 369
Nano 1014
Lite 16
Total 7157
Update 12/29/19 4:04 pm pst
Paypal 3968
Bitcoin 1132
Ethereum 38
Google Pay 411
Venmo 640
Bitcash 71
Square Cash 376
Nano 1019
Lite 16
Total 7671
Highly Requested Cat Pic:
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TOP 5 quality casinos which accept Canadians

After extensive reviews of various online casinos operating legally in Canada, it was easy to narrow it down to the top 5 operators. It’s not only about the casino’s game variety. Many factors play a vital part in earning it a top-notch score.
The site must be licensed, easy to access for all players, utilize advanced safety and security measures, offer tailored banking methods for Canadian players and be well geared to take superb care of its customers.


It’s slot heaven for players who enjoy time spinning reels. With all the best providers on-board such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Pragmatic Play and Endorphina, you’ll not be disappointed with its variety and quality.
Playamo is one of the few online casinos in Canada that accepts Bitcoin payments. For the rest, there’s an extensive list of payment methods available. It has a very responsive live chat feature 24/7 with professional and friendly staff ready to assist you.
Playamo invites new players with a deposit match welcome bonus up to $1,750 plus 250 free spins. It doesn’t leave you empty-handed once you become a regular and offers a weekly reload bonus of 50% deposit match up to $250 and 100 free spins. High rollers also receive special attention and will receive a 50% deposit match up to $3,000 for every deposit higher than $1,500.

Woo Casino

You can register via desktop or mobile within minutes and use various cryptocurrencies to fund your casino account. There’s an array of other banking methods available for the players who prefer more traditional methods.
Woo casino is mobile-optimized, and you access it from any smartphone’s browser. It offers an excellent VIP programme that rewards players with redeemable points.
It welcomes new players with a deposit match of up to $450 for their first three deposits plus a whopping 260 free spins.

Energy Casino

The provider offers games from well-known providers such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Pragmatic Play and Merkur. It has a handy search bar to locate each developer’s game collection on the site.
Payment methods cover the entire spectrum of more traditional banking services, e-wallets and pre-paid debit cards for deposits and withdrawals. The Energy Casino is safe and secure as it boasts multiple gambling licences globally.
All new players to its site receive a welcome deposit match up to $400. Energy Casino keeps on rewarding players afterwards with regular tournaments, weekly reload bonuses and an innovative VIP programme that’ll earn you excellent points and gifts. Players that prefer live casino games receive a unique welcome bonus for use in this category.

Casumo Casino

You can open a new account with a low minimum deposit of only $10. Casumo Casino is easily accessible from any mobile device or tablet directly from your browser, and you don’t need to download an app to play.
The website is userfriendly and easy to navigate. You’ll find a useful search bar to narrow down your search for one of the great software developers hosted on the site. You can have hours of fun with names like Microgaming, Red Tiger Gaming and Play’ NGO providing their best games to Casumo.
When you sign up for a new Casumo Casino account, it rewards you with a deposit match bonus up to $500 and 20 free spins on the Jammin’Jars slot.

Jackpot City Casino

It lives up to its name, offering multiple progressive jackpots you can play for, including the infamous millionaire-making Mega Moolah. Jackpot City has an excellent portfolio of more than 300 slots from one of the industry’s best names; Microgaming.
Evolution Gaming’s live dealers are available for a more interactive game, utilizing superior camera technology from the live casino field leaders. If you prefer playing from your phone or tablet, it’s no problem as you can quickly access its site directly from any mobile browser.
Players can talk to customer support staff via a live web chat feature integrated onto the provider’s intuitive interface.
Jackpot City welcomes all new players with a generous deposit match bonus of up to $1,600 that you can claim during your first four deposits.
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Cryptocurrency Books You Must Read

Cryptocurrency Books You Must Read
When you go out into Internet space to look for some information on the crypto world, you may end up being confused and baffled. Suddenly, everyone’s an expert and each has something to say about it. Without a basic knowledge of the technology, your lack of knowledge may backfire on you one day if you get into the clingy paws of ICO internet scammers, so before you invest, it is important to learn some of the basics and fundamentals.
by StealthEX
Here is a heap of cryptocurrency books we recommend you to read to nurture your crypto side of the brain:

Digital Gold by Nathaniel Popper

In his shortlisted for the 2015 Financial Times and McKinsey business book of the year, Popper tells us the story of bitcoin since its early days. He tells the story through the eyes of famous and bright crypto influencers including South American and Asian millionaires, the Winklevoss twins and the legendary Satoshi Nakamoto. The author compares the digital currency to gold, claiming cryptocurrency to be the new global standard of storing the value.
Some readers say that Digital Gold book is a ready material for a thriller – unexpected plot twists, powerful influential organizations, drugs, blackmail make up the fascinating story to read and a really good starting point to understand what Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology is. The only downside that it only takes you up to 2015 but don’t worry, those were jam-packed years of growing.

The Internet of Money by Andreas Antonopoulos

Even though Andreas Antonopoulos is one of the world’s foremost bitcoin and blockchain experts, he has a unique talent to simply explain complicated materials herewith maintaining the significance of the topic. For readers who want to explore more theory, The Internet of Money book is actually a collection of talks given by technology-enthusiast Andreas Antonopoulos, where he surpasses all the technical “geeky” details. In each section he delivers complex discussions in average words, exploring the economic, political, social and philosophical sides of the technology that has forever affected our world.
By the way, the book was released in 3-volume series so you won’t miss out on any trivia.

The Little Bitcoin Book: Why Bitcoin Matters for Your Freedom, Finances, and Future by Alejandro Machado, Jimmy Song, Alena Vranova, Timi Ajiboye, Luis Buenaventura, Lily Liu, Alexander Lloyd, Alex Gladstein

Why does the price keep changing? Is Bitcoin worth investing my money into? How does it even have value? Why do people keep saying that it is the future of currency? The answers to all these questions you are going to find out in this book written by 8 experienced crypto experts. They finished it in just four days and they did well in accumulating their knowledge in a book format along with covering a lot of different questions and concerns around the digital currency. The book also explains how Bitcoin affects people’s freedom and opportunities. Also, there is a Q & A section with some of the most frequently asked questions about Bitcoin.

Cryptoassets: The Innovative Investor’s Guide to Bitcoin and Beyond by Chris Burniske & Jack Tatar

The book provides a useful framework on some popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc. and also explains why and how to invest and what would be the best thing to invest into. The authors make a major focus on investment strategies that really work, and teach you on fundamental notions like volume, liquidity and volatility of crypto coins. The authors use infographics, equations, historical data and statistics to teach you about crypto assets and markets.
This crypto book is as suitable for the beginners as for the advanced investors. It’s written in a straight forward style and will probably serve as a good reference for the future.

Mastering Bitcoin: Programming the Open Blockchain by Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Another Andreas Antonopoulos book but at this time an intermediate level. If you want a technical explanation, with code samples – get this book, Mastering Bitcoin is for people who already have a programming or computer science background. Well-delivered, useful and enlightening – the book takes you through the intricate world of bitcoin, providing the knowledge you need to participate in the internet of money. Whether you’re a software developer, startup investor, or simply curious about the technology, this edition is definitely worth your attention!

The Bitcoin Standard: The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banking by Saifedean Ammous

This is a book written by a world-class economist Saifedean Ammous, where he explains how money works, why some money works better than the others and how monetary systems evolved throughout history – from ancient times to our days.
Some people call it an eye-opening book, which would make you overthink the concept of money in general. Anyway, the book certainly is thought-provoking and it might induce you to dive deeper into the crypto world. The author doesn’t try to predict the future of money but to widen our horizon, to understand the problem of our economic system, and see the possibility of having a decentralized alternative to central banking.

The Book Of Satoshi: The Collected Writings of Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto by Phil Champagne

Have you ever wondered who stands behind the whole crypto industry? Who made it all possible? The fun thing is that nobody knows. All we know is the name – Satoshi Nakamoto. In his book, Champagne dives deeper into his mysterious personality and investigates who Nakamoto might be, whether it is one person or a group, and how it was possible for Nakamoto to create the game-changing Bitcoin while remaining completely anonymous. The book includes actual emails and internet posts by Nakamoto, presented in chronological order. Fine resource for anyone interested in Bitcoin, it gives insight into Satoshi’s thinking, and readers can look at Bitcoin from a whole new perspective!
And speaking of Bitcoin, if you need to exchange your BTC and many other coins, StealthEX is here for you. We provide a selection of more than 250 cryptocurrencies and constantly updating the list so that our customers will find a suitable option. Our service does not require registration and allows you to remain anonymous. Why don’t you check it out? Just go to StealthEX and follow these easy steps:
✔ Choose the pair and the amount for your exchange. For example ETH to BTC.
✔ Press the “Start exchange” button.
✔ Provide the recipient address to which the coins will be transferred.
✔ Move your cryptocurrency for the exchange.
✔ Receive your coins.
Follow us on Medium, Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit to get StealthEX.io updates and the latest news about the crypto world. For all requests message us via [email protected].
The views and opinions expressed here are solely those of the author. Every investment and trading move involves risk. You should conduct your own research when making a decision.
Original article was posted on https://stealthex.io/blog/2020/09/01/cryptocurrency-books-you-must-read/
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Some extra income sources for you

Hello Fellow Redditors,
I am going to list some of my income sources. I will try to give as much information as I can.
Some details about me:I am u/abhiearns, I am currently studying. I want to create some sort of extra income sources. I have been trying to use beermoney as well as other passive income communities like passive_income, passiveincome to find some sites and sources that can work for me.
Enough with the details, Let start by listing some of my extra income sources.
Active Earning: So, I will start with sites on which you have to work actively and devote some serious hours to earn some extra income. These are some beermoney sites (include survey sites, and other such sites):
Passive Earning (No Initial Investments): These will list some of my passive earning sources, I am not listing my investments here because I think they deserve a separate section.Disclaimer: I have 2 laptops and an extra phone so I use all of them for earning, the payments may vary depending on the number and power of various computers.
Passive Earning (Investments Required): These are the sources which require some sort of initial investment. These sources can be risky and there are chances to lose money.
\** I am still trying other sites and apps. I will keep updating this post.*
These are some of the sources I use to earn, I highly recommend these. I won't say you will become a millionaire using these but still its little more than you had yesterday.
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Fun Fact: This is the closest a Millionaire Makers drawing thread will get to Christmas Eve! Comment to enter, and let’s make someone’s Christmas while we still can! [Drawing Thread #37]

OBLIGATORY EDIT: Thanks for the Silv'a, kind and generous stranger. For your generosity, have a video of Silver, from the hit video-game, Sonic the Hedgehog 2006, detailing the glorious benefits silver has on the Reddit culture! Thank you. (I hope you liked the joke.)

Santa Claus is coming! …and apparently it’s a 100,000 people in a red trench coat.

Edit: There are three deleted comments. The drill is to run the code again at 3:00 UTC, with a trial run before and after.
Quick Announcement:
On December 28, 2018, one week after this drawing, I will conduct a survey to help determine this subreddit’s direction. Additionally, the moderation team will unveil a new Discord server at the same time for our subscribers to discuss the subreddit and the drawing. Here are some questions you can expect (updated):
  • What day of the month would you like the /MillionaireMakers drawing to be held?
  • Should the code be further streamlined to acquire comment IDs at a faster and just pace? (Context: There's new code that can be used to prevent further cases of cheating, but it also changes the process.)
  • What is the best cryptocurrency blockchain to choose the winner from?
  • Should the [Drawing Thread] post's format be revamped in the future?
  • Should there be monthly or seasonal announcements the Monday of the [Drawing Thread]'s week?
If you would like to see something specific change over here at /MillionaireMakers, please click here! Your comments will help determine any additional questions the moderation team should ask the subscribers.
TL;DR: Leave a comment on this thread. A random user will be chosen, and everyone donates a dollar to make a millionaire. You are welcome to spread this thread via upvoting, telling friends and family, and sharing on social media! If you'd like to be reminded to donate to the winner by RemindMeBot, click here!
What is this, anyway?
Three years ago, a Redditor posted an idea in /Showerthoughts that speculated the fact, if a million people picked a certain Redditor and all donated just $1, they would have the power to make someone a millionaire.
This subreddit is an embodiment of that showerthought, and the monthly drawings are the attempts to make it happen.
We need your help to keep this running, which amounts to only $1 a month to make someone's day. In the long term, that’s $120 every decade, which is a much more affordable price than other expenses. How does it work? Below, you will find an explanation on entering, rules to keep in mind, the selection, and other important things to note.
How to enter:
  • REQUIRED: Leave only one (1) top level comment in reply to this thread! Replying to other comments will not count. It is highly recommended to comment "RemindMe! 3 days Donation for /millionairemakers", which will remind you via PM to donate.
Important Rules:
  • Only ONE top level comment per person (replies and subsequent-level comments aren't included), but feel free to reply to other comments. Making duplicate top level comments may result in exclusion from entering. Go to me to ensure you don't accidentally double comment.
  • If, by any chance, you do double comment, delete any extra duplicates ASAP, ideally before the thread is locked in 24 hours, as any chosen draws found to violate this will not be eligible to win, and will be banned from the subreddit.
  • Your account must be older than 30 days with some amount of activity. Throwaway accounts with very minimal activity will also not be eligible. This is to prevent multiple entries from the same person.
How will the winner be picked and how can you donate?
  • After 24 hours, this thread will close, and the method of selection will begin.
  • While attempts to make the selection method similar to 2017’s have been performed, it still varies from the original. For an example from a prior drawing, see [Draw #36]. For archival purposes, please click here for the original selection method.
  • Method's TL;DR: Your number is assigned by sorting the comments by old, so the first commenter will be 1, and the list of comments will be publicly released. The subreddit then waits for a randomly generated block (a string of numbers) from Bitcoin's blockchain, after a preselected date and time, and calculates the winner using a formula described in the posts mentioned above.
  • Comment IDs are downloaded at 2:00 UTC, three hours following the thread being locked. There will be a trial run prior to the time listed, one at the time listed, and one trial run thirty minutes after. If it is shown that the deletion of comments has occurred between any of the trial runs, or technical difficulties, the retrieval of the comments will be delayed by an hour, following the same procedures. For [Drawing Thread #37], this has occurred, and retrieval of comments will be delayed to 3:00 UTC.
  • While not necessary, to determine if you are on the list, please go to your comment and save it. The comment ID is what gets recorded and selected, which looks like this: e3yxpj4.
  • The user who created the winning comment will be informed of their luck and will provide any information necessary for their chosen payment methods (mods will help set this up if needed).
  • The generous Reddit community donates to this lucky person, hopefully making some worthy soul a millionaire! A donation table will be stickied to the winner’s post, giving users the freedom in how they donate.
  • The lucky Redditor follows up with a thank you within the next days, revealing to the community exactly how much was raised and thanking their generosity.
  • Take the time you have available now to setup your PayPal, Square Cash, and Google Wallet account, and/or cryptocurrency wallets. (Note: Some services may not be available depending on where you reside.)
  • To buy any cryptocurrencies, you may use Coinbase for purchases using your bank account.
  • To store cryptocurrencies, there are many accessible wallets, and if you win, you will be guided on which ones to download. For Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, it’s recommended to use the Electrum and Electron Cash wallet for Mac, Linux, and PC.
  • Please try your best to donate a $1, no matter who wins. Every single dollar, cent, anything really counts, so please take the effort to remember and go through with it.
  • If you want to be reminded to donate, please comment "RemindMe! 3 days Donation for /millionairemakers".
  • Spread the word! The more people who participate, the better this gets for everyone! There has been a correlation between this subreddit making it in /all and an increase in donations.
  • Try to cross-post to relevant subs, and upvote. There is a correlation between reaching /all and the amount of donations for the winner. (Please don't spam other subs though. We're not trying to make any enemies here.)
  • If you are under 18, please talk to your parents to get their consent to participate and use their help to setup a PayPal account.
Remember, this is about generosity, making history, and coming together to make someone's life better. It takes three minutes to donate a bit to the winner, whether you're well off and want to donate a couple bucks, or going through tough times and can only donate a few pennies. Every cent counts.
Note about legality: This is NOT a lottery. You don't have to pay to enter. No prizes are given away directly by the moderators of this subreddit (the moderators will never even touch your donations; this is done voluntarily). As for gift taxes, according to the IRS they're generally paid by the donor, and any donations under $14,000 is not taxable.
If a lone $1 can get you a Dollar Tree-worthy present, imagine the possibilities with $1,000,000. You can go invite your family to a Disney World vacation, invite friends without hesitation, or put up Christmas decorations!
One million dollars can be enough to make someone’s Christmas. Spread the word: have your friends and family comment, post the link to your friendly-neighborhood social media network, and share it to anyone interested.
A Christmas delight,
With people dear, near, and cheer.
The winner’s tonight!
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I'm A Teenage Bitcoin Millionaire - YouTube Bitcoin Billionaire HD Gameplay Bitcoin Millionaire - Money Tycoon Game Gameplay Video Android/iOS The Missing Bitcoin Millionaire - Internet Mysteries - YouTube BITCOIN MILLONAIRE Erfahrungen 2020 - Betrug Oder Seriöse Software

WANT TO EARN BITCOIN FAST? Get Paid to Chat. Simple & Secure App 100%GENUINE Trusted Method That Really Works!!! Watch Full Video For Details On How To Earn BTC From Chatting Daily With Friends A Profitable ROI & Affiliate Network Plan That Is Innovative & Truly Life Changing. GET STARTED ... Game Protect is trying to fill the void of online gaming consumer protection in the Bitcoin space. It is a huge goal to take on given the general anonymity of Bitcoin gaming site owners, however, it is a service that is definitely needed, given the large amount of scams around. Even if they cannot track down all scam sites who have stolen Bitcoins off users, just showing the facts and helping ... This Bitcoin kid millionaire started his way in Bitcoin by mining it when he was a student living in New York. A bit later, he created Avalon - the company that specializes in building of mining hardware. The main goal of this initiative is to promote the development of Bitcoin and maintain network availability down the road. Tony Gallippi Image by youtube. Tony has long ago become a ... Tap your way from geeky bitcoin miner to geeky bitcoin miner who owns a private island with Bitcoin Billionaire! For more information about Bitcoin Billionaire please email [email protected] If you have any issues with the game please email [email protected] Bitcoin Billionaire is an idle mining game that's all about earning virtual bitcoins through fast tapping, smart investments, and cool upgrades. Go from rags to riches as you upgrade and unlock new items and time travel to the distant past and the far future, all without leaving your comfy chair! In Bitcoin Billionaire you start with almost nothing: a run-down office, a rickety old desk, and a ...

[index] [4684] [33849] [35018] [32638] [28365] [28142] [17716] [15452] [37489] [769]

I'm A Teenage Bitcoin Millionaire - YouTube

Deixe o Like! Inscreva-se se ainda não é inscrito! Roteiro: Igor (Plataforma Gamer) Narrador: Ryan (Mundo dos Games) Editor: Igor (Plataforma Gamer) _____ Confira a playlist completa! Games ... Think you've got what it takes to be the next Bitcoin millionaire? Discover how to setup a fast action game plan to get you on the road to wealth with Bitcoin. Free Video Reveals: How To Earn 3.24 ... 18- year-old Erik Finman made his own rules when he invested in Bitcoin and left high school to start his own business Bitcoin Millionaire wird dann für Sie basierend auf Ihren Präferenzen und Risikoniveau handeln. Um ein Teil der Bitcoin Millionaire Trading-Familie zu werden, müssen Sie sich nur für ein ... Remy rides crypto to the moon. ----- Subscribe to our YouTube channel: http://youtube.com/reasontv Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Reason.Magaz...