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The New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) is a commodity futures exchange located in Manhattan, New York City. It is owned by CME Group, one of the largest mimexは、以下のような主要な通貨ペア間の交換をサポートしています: btc / gbp(イギリスポンド) btc / aud(オーストラリアドル) btc / usd(米ドル) btc / sgd(シンガポールドル) btc / cny(中国人民元) btc / nzd(ニュージーランドドル) btc / cad(カナダドル) A bitcoin exchange launched from the UK on November 20th 2014 The site is currently English only. Currency pairs edit MIMEX supports the exchange between major MIMEX supports the exchange between major currency pairs, such as: BTC/GBP (British Pound) BTC/AUD (Australian Dollar) BTC/USD (US Dollar) BTC/SGD (Singapore Dollar) BTC/CNY (Chinese Yuan Renminbi) BTC/NZD (New Zealand Dollar) BTC/CAD (Canadian Dollar) BTC/EUR (Euro) BTC/JPY (Japanese Yen) BTC/CHF (Swiss Franc) BTC/SEK (Swedish Krona) BTC/HKD (Hong Kong Dollar) Deposit options BTC. There is no ... From Bitcoin Wiki. Jump to: navigation, search. These are the services that hold your bitcoins in an eWallet. Some revenue-sharing sites such as BitcoinService use an eWallet simply as the bucket to hold bitcoins earned by the account holder. Others services allow bitcoins to be deposited as well as withdrawn. When storing your bitcoins with an eWallet your are trusting that the operator will ...

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