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How to dig deep for doges with only CPU

I see many doge lovers digging with there CPUs for Dogecoin directly. Even with a high end CPU; you will only achieve about 40 kH/s - this equates to ~ 1000 coins a day.
Do not fear; there is a better way.
First download the new and far more efficient CPU miner (+25%)from Direct Link:
Next download the digital wallet from :
Now sign up for a Securecoin pool; I use :
Create a worker in the pool, and call it 1, set it's password to 123
Go into the folder were you put the extracted CPU miner files: Create a .bat file and put the following in it:
minerd.exe -a quark --url stratum+tcp:// -u (user name here).(worker name here) -p 123 -t x
(set x to the number of cores or threads your cpu has) If you computer lags too much while you need to do stuff, set x to 3/4 or 1/2 of your max cores.
(!For the next stage, you might need to disable your antivirus software for a few minutes, as some will false report the .exe file)
Next run the .bat file and your CPU will start mining; keep an eye on temps for the first 20 minutes and ensure proper ventilation is present. If you are running this on a laptop keep a very careful eye on temps, if they are going too high what you can do is change the laptops power settings to only use say 75% of the cpu power.
An i7 920 should achieve around 500-600 kh/s. Even a old dual core laptop should achieve 75 kh/s.
Mine for a few hours (6+) and transfer you coins to the wallet you downloaded earlier.
Next sign up to the coin exchange Crypsy ( Go to the balances tab, scroll down to Securecoin, select deposit, generate an address, copy the address, go back to your wallet, click send a new transaction and then send your coins to the crypsy address.
The final stage is the simple one. After ~1hour, you coins should appear on crypsy. Go to : Sell your Securecoins for bitcoins. Next go to : And buy your first Dogecoins! Happy digging! Much riches. So fine. wow
Edit: additional warning : Many pools will take a 0.01 SRC fee for withdrawing coins, so make sure to withdraw in one big nugget if you have too rather than lots of little withdrawals. You would be best mining for at-least 24 hours before you withdraw your funds.
Edit 2: If you are having sync problems, try the below to update sync issues :
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