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Want to help Bitcoin? Looking for a project to start or even better a startup? Here is a grocery list of nice services, products and programs to have.

Disclaimer: This is a work in progress. It is never complete and if there is not enough support, I will halt editing. Feel free to fork the next at any time, I see it as public domain. Any improvements whatsoever are welcome. Also, I am not unbiased, I hold bitcoin.
General musings: For what is bitcoin useful as a currency?
Generally a currency is usable as a store of value and as a medium of exchange. A currency is more attractive if it fulfills any of these two functions better than a competing currency. We will explore how to improve on these functions in this post.
Buying and selling stuff: Bitcoin as a medium of exchange
A currency is worthless if you can never exchange it to goods, services or something else you desire. We all know that payment via bitcoin is incredibly secure in that there is no chargeback risk and almost no transaction cost. Drawbacks of bitcoin as a medium of exchange is the volatility of exchange rates to other currencies, long confirmation times, lack of ecommerce support, lack of merchant adoption, lack of point-of-sale support and lack of user-friendly interfaces. Let's review these points one by one.
Buying the same tomorrow as today: Bitcoin as a store of value
Another huge part of a currencies value is its ability to store value. I want to be able to predict how much purchase power I will have for a given amount of currency. But this is not that easy for a currency seeing as it can be stolen or be erratic in the purchasing power it represents. So risk of theft is a major concern.
Structural stuff and statistics: Knowing is better than not knowing
I have omitted volatility from both points above seeing as it reduces usability in both categories equally. It is easy to see how volatility is a bad thing. This is caused by lack of liquidity, lack of proper statistics, lack of stable exchanges and low user adoption. The latter is ultimately a consquence of low advertising but all these can be fixed.
I have focused on bitcoins drawbacks, not on its advantages. When you educate people about bitcoin, tell them about the advantages. This post seeks to educate about current drawbacks and how they can be fixed. Also, I have neglected a possible mining monopoly. For fixing the latter I hope other people can post solutions, this is focused on the user side.
The lession, dear reader
There is a lot to do and a lot of profit to be made.
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How to Mine Bitcoin 2018 (EASY METHOD)! Bitcoin mining for ...

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