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Hello! I have been lurking here at /beermoney for quite some time, and have posted a few times recently. I have learned so much here, that I have started a blog about it.
So that I can keep track of everything, I have begun trying to compile a list of most of the sites and apps that I am aware of, with short descriptions. I did not include some that I have not heard enough about to be sure they are legitimate or worthwhile. I have an Android phone, so nothing iPhone only. I have left out sites that are only PTC (Paid-To-Click). I have also not included secret shoppemission apps, sites that pay you to write, and "crowdlabor" sites like Mechanical Turk, as I consider all of these a bit more like little jobs than beermoney tools. Nothing against them, they just don't fit with this list. And finally, I am sure I have simply forgotten to list a few.
Anyway, I thought I should share this with everyone here. I only included ref links for the ones that I have really used, because there are some that I know about and wanted to list, but that I have no actual experience with (yet) -- did not think it would be right to ask people to sign up under me for things I do not even do myself.
I plan to add to this list as time goes on, and my next plan is to put together some standard information about each item, like how much you need to earn to get paid out, an estimate of what you can make in a week/month, etc. I would love to hear suggestions for useful statistics and things!
And, of course, I would certainly not mind if people have any suggestions for apps, websites, or whole categories that should be added. Or what else they think should be covered on a blog about this sort of thing.
EDIT 1/25/2015: Added countries and referral bonuses where I could. Still missing some information. EDIT 1/26/2015: Added GrindaBuck and LootPalace, recommended by clke EDIT 1/29/2015: Added Payout information -- I did my best, but not every service is clear on all of their pay options, so please let me know if you see anything wrong.


Get Paid To (GPT) sites


Watch Videos / TV

Paid Emails or Texts

Lockscreens (All mobile, obviously)

For more detailed information on these lockscreens check out Garwald's great post.

App Downloads and Videos (Mobile)

I did not yet write individual descriptions for these because they are all pretty much the same -- Watch a video about an app and get points. Download an app, run it for a few seconds, and get more points.

Shopping (Mobile)

Passive / Data Collecting


That is all I've got for now! Feedback is appreciated!
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