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Special Senses Cochlea Spiral Organ of Corti - YouTube

Ninja Nerds, Join us in this video where we discuss the cochlea, and the spiral organ of corti. Organ of Corti - The organ in the inner ear of mammals that contain auditory inner and outer haircells Кортиев орган All rights belong to their respective owners.Only For Promotion. Uk Heavy/Experimental/Stoner Rock Band 'Organ of Corti': "Hostile Mess" released June 15, 20... Andrew Rayel & Corti Organ & Max Cameron - New Dawn (Extended Mix) View full playlist (1 video) 1 video Play all Flight Mode - Playlist. Corti Organ. 5:49 Corti Organ - Flight Mode (Extended Mix ... explanation on middle ear portions of cochlea and organ of corti