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I am the founder of – an open reputation platform that aims to provide safety, security, and privacy for P2P transactions. AMA!

Hi Everyone!
Excited to do an AMA here – and looking forward to all the questions. My name is Irakliy Khaburzaniya and I am the CEO of Credo360.
This AMA is a way of giving back to the /entrepreneur community, from which we have learned a tremendous deal. We have gone from being wantrepreneurs to entrepreneurs, and hope to inspire you to do the same.
The concept for the business grew from the pain we have all experienced when dealing with strangers, particular when it came time to financial transactions. Many of us have been ripped off, or scammed in some way, and wished that there was a way to check if the person that we’re dealing with was reputable. We set out to do just that with Credo360.
Problem: No basis for trust when dealing with strangers.
Solution: Open Reputation (and now transaction) platform.
The solution:
Credo360 (or simply Credo) is an open reputation and transaction platform. Using Credo, you can: check if someone you need to deal with is trustworthy, conduct transactions (buy/sell/trade) with them, and then rate and review your experience with them. The idea is very similar to reputation systems on sites such as eBay or Airbnb – but Credo reputation is not tied to a marketplace. Instead, it belongs to you as a person, and you can take it with you anywhere you like.
The way you check if someone is credible is by looking at their Credo Score. For example here’s my Credo ID:
This score sums up a person’s reputation and trustworthiness in a single number (measured, unsurprisingly, on a scale from 0 to 360). There are bunch of things that go into a calculation of this score, and we worked very hard to try to make it difficult to game. One of the most important factors in this score are the ratings and reviews you get from people you deal with on Credo.
We have also recently launched P2P payments– so, now people can pay each other for goods and services without leaving Credo. Right now this is available only to people with U.S. bank accounts, but we are working on adding other payment methods (e.g. bitcoin, PayPal).
A little background on how we got here and lessons learned:
• September 2015 – Core of the company founded.
• November 2015
• May 2016
• March 2017
• August 2017
• Going forward
If you’re into IT technology, here is a little bit about technology we use:
  • Our backend runs in Azure cloud. We chose Azure primarily because of the BizSpark program that gives us enough credits to pretty much cover out infrastructure expenses. Within Azure we use a bunch of services from storage, to databases, to app services, to queues, to CDN etc. The backend itself is written in TypeScript and runs on Node.js
  • Our web frontend is a single-page application written in React.js. It communicates with the backend via a RESTful API and websockets (
  • We are also working on mobile apps for iOS and Android, and these rely on the same backend API as the web frontend.
  • Lastly we use a bunch of 3rd-party services for various things: SendGrid (to send email), Twillio (to send SMS), Blitline (for image processing), Blockscore (for identity verification), Dwolla (for P2P payments) and others
Either way we would love to hear your feedback about our site, the overall concept, and any other questions that we can answer.
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