Bitvisitor – Earn Bitcoins To Visit Websites

Bitvisitor - Make bitcoins for looking at websites!

On bitvisitor you just enter your bitcoin wallet address and it will take you to a website where you stay on it for 5 minutes, and head over to the next one. You can just keep the browser minimized and go to the new website every 5 minutes! It pays out every time you bank 0.0001 Bitcoins and it can take anywhere from 2 to 8 websites to get there. Good to run throughout the day and make some good BTC.
Link -
Ref link -
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[ANN] Bitvisitor - Earn Free Bitcoins for Visiting Websites!

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What happened to Bitvisitor?? /r/Bitcoin

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Bitvisitor - Free Bitcoin

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BitVisitor Is Giving Away Bitcoins

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Bitvisitor - Free Bitcoins

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Earn bitcoins for visiting sites for 5 minutes. Pay out every hour and I have been paid.

My other thread with more sites to earn and where you can get a wallet. If you are looking for sites to start out earning free bitcoins this is a good start.
I can confirm that they pay and it only took me about a hour to reach that point high enough for payment. While it isn't much it doesn't take any effort.
I noticed many people are using the free bitcoins every hour link I shared in my other post so this would be something that could be added to the routine.
While browsing Reddit every five minute just hit next and put in the catpcha.
BitVisitor Referral Link
It is just nice to actually see a deposit for your work even if it isn't much.
If you get bored online try Gambit which allows you to play free games and earn bitcoins. I highly suggest the monopoly like game since it is a good amount of points and is fun. Ff Reddit users were to play it with fast turns the earnings would be even better.
Gambit Referral Link
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Bitcoin beer money

Hey guys, I can't tell if this is a duplicate post, and if this has been posted before feel free to ask me to remove it. I just wanted to share these sites which have boosted by bitcoin amount by a little bit. There are two main services which I find to be helpful, and haven't dried out with the current bubble.
1: Bitvisitor / Non-ref This is good because every 5 min all you have to do is check every 5 minutes and put in a captcha and click next, then it'll go on to the next site. A day of doing this can earn a fair amount (better than nothing for doing nothing hey?)
2: (I don't even think they do refferals) This is the same setup, but keep in mind to change the channel instead of clicking "Next video" s I have heard you only earn money from changing the channel.
Feel free to start a ref train, or anything like that. Either way, I just wanted to let the BTC users here know of these sites if they didn't already know of them, best of luck.
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Free Sources of Bitcoin

Im going to try to keep a list open of free sources to obtain Bitcoins. Most of these places give you incredibly small amounts(Usually microBTC), but this should be helpful to new people and a way to get them started. Feel free to add more ways or any other suggestions you have!
Also, dont just downvote this to keep it to yourself.
1.BitVisitor Spend 5 minutes on an ad to recieve
Reference ||| No Reference
2.Daily Bitcoins Actually hourly
Reference ||| No Reference
5.Bitcoin Tree Adblock needs to be disabled
6.Bitcoin Addict
7.Netlookup Free Bitcoins
Reference ||| No Reference
8.CoinTube Watch ads for BTC
Reference ||| No Reference
9.Bitcoins 4 Me!
10.Bitcoin Get Makes you do a few things before you recieve
11.EarnFreeBitCoins Spend 3 minutes on an ad
Reference ||| No Reference
12.Bittit Upload photo for BTC Link
13.If you play Minecraft
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I think Swagbucks may have gotten a lot of new users in a short amount of time, and that's why the app limits were lowered.

Title pretty much says it all. I was looking at a similar get-paid-to-watch site the other day, making sure it wasn't a scam, and I read the whole 2+ years of forum posts; they reduced their available rewards every few months as users poured in, then the rewards crept back up as adverising caught up.
Basically, I am choosing to be optimistic about the situation :D
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Making Bitcoins for beer money

Note: This is about getting bitcoins without mining them, which is impractical for most people!! There are sites which will pay you in bitcoins for clicks and that is the focus of this submission.
News about bitcoin mania and related crazy shit have been cropping up on reddit, especially as the banking crisis in Cyprus has led to a surge in the value of bitcoins.
It was basically designed to be a digital online currency. A bit like reddit karma, except it's useful and can be spent on goods and services. The reason so many Cypriot bank customers seem to be moving to bitcoins is that they fear their government will grab a large slice of their bank deposits, in order to pay off their debts, probably. Bitcoins are untouchable (so far), but are volatile and so their value can fluctuate heavily, but no one can help themselves to your bitcoins (unless you get hacked). Make sure to keep your bitcoin wallet safe if you somehow do manage to make non-trivial amounts of the stuff.
They are very convenient and kind of fun though. For example, some redditors are working on a reddit based bitcoin feature whereby you can reward a comment using bitcoins. There's also a reddit bitcoin market where you can buy and sell random stuff. So, they definitely are of some actual use.
One thing about most bitcoin beer money sites is that, given the nature of bitcoins, payouts can be made to anyone, in any country.
First step: Get yourself a bitcoin client, which will act as a bitcoin wallet and generate bitcoin addresses. Bitcoin-qt is a simple one, which can be used on Windows, Macs and Linux computers. You can also get an online client called My Wallet, which is compatible with iphones, Android phones, Windows, Macs and Linux.
People used to mine bitcoins using their computers, but that got progressively more difficult as time went by. All the easy bitcoins get mined by expensive, purpose built, bitcoin mining rigs.
Free Bitcoin Sites:
Earn Bitcoins - these are sites where you can earn bitcoins by doing some online work like visiting websites, watching videos/ads, completing surveys, etc. You can obviously make more money from these sites than the more simple free ones:
Gaming Sites:
Didn't want to post any links to gambling or gaming sites, but this one seems like a bit of fun:
And remember, don't get too carried away. Do not spend ridiculous amounts of time and money investing in bitcoins!!
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Some places to get Free Bitcoins..!

Alright, I thought I would give a list of some places I have bookmarked that give free bitcoins.. I hope you all enjoy and feel free to let me know if you find that any of the sites don't give you any bitcoins within 24-48 hours. I will be sure to update the post with any new details.
Daily or Hourly:
One-time or Empty:
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My Schedule and Bitcoin Making Guide

My usual money making schedule consists of a lot of low maintenance sites. I can access them once a day (usually) and get the money, then be done. I mainly use Bitcoin, but have a Paypal to buy BTC with.
Well I won't keep you waiting, so if you have further questions, just ask me!
I will order from easiest/quickest to hardest:
I bookmark those 3 sites, and visit them every time I open my browser.
Bitcoinget(fav) and Bitvisitor are my top choices. They are easy, can be done in the background, and have quick payouts. I usually browse /beermoney while working on this ;)
These are just my methods for making Bitcoin. Bitvisitor's ads are usually related to Bitcoin, so many times they may be relevant to you. Also, this site has a well-made list of the top sites for earning BTC for free.
If you have any questions or comments, PM or reply to this post.
Good luck with earning!,
EDIT: Formatting
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For those interested in trying bitcoin poker...

One of the many obstacles that keep people from trying bitcoin is simply getting some bitcoins to play around with.. This post is simply for giving people some ideas for getting some free bitcoins to give bitcoin poker a try if you so desire. I believe you need a minimum of .01 bitcoins to deposit bitcoins into I haven't really looked in details at their stakes yet, so I'm not sure what actually be a reasonable minimum deposit to play at their mininum level tables. Maybe someone with more knowledge could answer that. I've only tried the hourly freeroll there a couple times so far.
So like I've said, I've been looking around for ways to get free bitcoins without having to buy some myself the past couple of days and wanted to share my findings.. Keep in mind these are small portions of bitcoins.. This is just for getting your feet wet and maybe to make enough for an initial deposit if you want to spend the time required to do so.
The three best things I've found so far for me are Number 1 by far for me - - A trivia site that asks whoever is logged in a trivia question.. whoever answers fastest wins .0005 bitcoins. They give you a number of free chances each day.. probably like 20 or so freebies. Then if you want, you can make a wager on the trivia question with the free bitcoins you earned. If no one else is playing, you can make a minimum wager and keep winning .0005 each time. If others are there betting, and you are fast at using google to look up answers and can type pretty quick, you can actually make a decent amount there for being a freebie site. I've made .0559 BTC there today in an hour or so...
The other one easy one that requires little effort that gives away free btc's I found is Basically you just load a webpage and let it sit there for 5 minutes, then click next and they give you a small amount of bitcoins for it. Anywhere from .00008-.00024(*edit, left off a zero sorry) are what I usually get. This is one that doesn't require any attention, just have it in one of your browser tabs when you are doing other stuff and when you think about it come back and hit the next button.
There's actually a MMO called "Dragon's Tale" (horrible graphics and interface), but you can run around and search the soldiers standing in random places for a free .001 BTC, of course there's all kinds of different ways to wager and lose those free BTC's you find. I got lucky and got about .007 btc from soldiers and wagered it up to .01 over about an hour on this way before I cashed it out to my bitcoin wallet.
I know many here aren't interested in this, but just trying to spread some info if anyone might want to try this out. If you know of or find any other good methods, let me know. Thanks!
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Earn bitcoins by altcoin trading on Cryptsy. Can earn nice profits even by using bitcoin faucet earnings.

My referral link for Cryptsy Exchange
Non-ref link
As bitcoins have raised so has there been a boom in altcoin prices as well, only with cheaper buy prices and larger increases.
If you watch the current news of altcoins on bitcointalk's altcoin board you can find out currencies to buy and what ones to sell rather easily.
Yesterday I decided that the bitcoins that I had earned from faucets weren't going to earn me any decent profit so I decided to try my luck trading it for altcurrency on an exchange.
On bitcointalk I read about a currency called Quark which had very quick transactions and had gained the interest of an economist. I noticed the price was less than a cent and decided to try to use my bitcoins to buy some.
For 0.00469056 BTC I bought 470 QRK. This includes the 20% transaction fee
Right now each QRK is valued at ~0.00004 each which makes what I bought yesterday currently worth. 0.0188 BTC.
That is a 0.01410944 BTC profit in one day from doing a little research. ~$13.5 profit.
By watching cheaper currencies you can turn your small amount of bitcoins into much larger amounts. For example today a coin called Stablecoin relaunched and removed the premining that people disliked about the coin. The people quick to the exchange bought at 0.00000336 and it is now valued at 0.00002898. A raise of 862% in less than a day.
ONLY risk what you are willing to lose.
The best sites in my opinion to get started earning from bitcoin faucets are since they can be opened in tabs and earn through minimum effort. Bitvisitor pays every hour and pays every money.
My referral link for
My referral link for
Non-referral Bitvisitor
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Since a post is near the top, here are 2 bitcoin sites that have paid me way more than that one

These may not seem as fun as, but they make you more money, so whatever. Out of the 10k µBT or so (about $12 right now) I've made in the 2 weeks I've been messing with these bitcoin payout sites, about half of it has come from bitcoinget / nonref.
The videos on the site only pay out 5µBT, which is like .6 cents each, but you can just run them in the background which is nice, and you can also just let them run a minute and then put in the captcha for credit, you don't have to let the whole video go.
The better moneymaker on there is the crowdflower tasks, where you can sometimes find ones that pay 75µBT and let you do them like 12 times, which is super easy. There are also some daily 150µBT ones that pop up. The only problem is you need to check a decent amount if you want to get the good tasks, they are snatched up quickly!
The other site I've been successful with is bitvisitor / nonref which is a site that pays out some µBT for you to visit sites for 5 minutes. You can just click away once you've put in the captcha and are on the site, and come back 5 minutes later to forward it to the next site. Super easy, and I've made around $2 on it in the past 2 weeks. I don't bother with anything under 1µBT on there, just leave the site and come back a few hours later to see if they've added anything new that pays better. Just make sure to go on once a day, cause they've typically given at least one site per day that pays over 25µBT.
Edit: Another site I've been using is BTCClicks / nonref, but I think it's really hard to get much on there without having a decent number of referrals. It doesn't take much time to do though, you just click the links they provide and wait for the countdown to end, but they pay like a cent each usually.
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What's the best way to advertise my Bitcoin game? Which of the "get paid to look at websites" services seem to work best? Any other services that anyone recommends?

I've built a simple spin-the-wheel game where you can win BTC. What are some good ways to advertise? I already did a bitcoin post a few months ago (which worked well as expected).
I just discovered the "get paid to look at websites" services (like BitVisitor and CoinVisitor). What are others' experience with such sites? Do any of the visits actually convert to real users, and if so, at what rate? Since I just discovered these services, I don't have any data of my own to share (yet).
Are there any other ad services (geared towards bitcoin users) that anyone recommends?
EDIT: Thanks for the comments and tips, folks!
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Free Bitcoin?

Dogecoin has "water-bowls" which give out free Doge: Does Bitcoin have anything similar? I came across there following sites: Is there harm in giving them your public address? Bitvisitor seems interesting, though I didn't get past the main page yet, thought I'd ask here first.
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earn much vta easy (few 1000 a day)

i am new here and i would like to share a method to get a few 1000 vta each day.
first register: 9kw here
second bitvisitor and enter your address and do 1 add
third download: auto filler
open the config file of downloaded folder.
enter bitcoin address and the api key
now go back to 9kw here and click captcha.
do some captcha's (1.5 captcha's is 1 visit and you can do as many as you like at once so the site can run for a few days)
now run the WINDOWS.bat file and wait
now send the coins to exchange and trade.
now send all your coins to an exchange and trade for vta
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BitVisitor for Bitcoin Surfing Intro with Julie Wolf & Patsy Payne Tutorial How To Earn Bitcoin Using Bitvisitor Bot Fast and Easy BitVisitor

BitVisitor. This website is probably one of the most famous places to get free Bitcoins. All you have to do is browse through different sites for a minimum of five minutes. Just enter your Bitcoin address and begin browsing sites to get paid. 2. Daily Bitcoins. Daily Bitcoins gives you free Bitcoins one time per day for visiting its website. The point is to check their ads and increase their ... BitVisitor:: Bitcoins verdienen für das Ansehen von Webseiten oder Vidoes. Jede Seite wird Dir für fünf Minuten angezeigt. Danach klickst Du zur Bestätigung auf ‘Next’ und kommst zur nächsten Seite. Was mir an dieser Seite generell gefällt ist, dass die Auszahlung stündlich stattfindet. Bei anderen vergleichbaren Seiten geht das nicht so schnell. Zudem brauchst Du kein Nutzerkonto ..., is the largest bitcoin faucet from 2014 where you get paid from watching 5 min advertisements (not ad-forced) , and the reward per advertisements is 1 bits - 16 bits depends on type of advertisements and the revenue it has. Minimum payout to withdraw is 30 bits and the payout will be automatically running after reached the point. *1 bits = 100 satoshi = 0.000001 BTC. Ok , let's ... With BitVisits you can earn free bitcoin daily by viewing our advertisers websites. Bitcoin advertising directly to bitcoin users. Start clicking and earning free bitcoin today. Bitvisitor. Write a review Add photo. 4.29 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 14 reviews: Description Update. Pays for visiting sponsored sites. Reviews. Write a review. Gibson Reddy Gray - September 15, 2020 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 💰BITCOIN OPTION TRADE ALL THE WAY 💰💰 Hello everyone, I saw a testimony post about Mrs Mercy Brown on Bitcoin option trade, so I wrote her and started trading with her, now I ...

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BitVisitor for Bitcoin Surfing Intro with Julie Wolf & Patsy Payne

In this video, I showed you how to setup your computer to earn Bitcoins using Bitvisitor Bot Fast and Easy without mining. The free Bitvisitor Bot can be fou... Bitvisitor Intro. My good Skype pal Patsy will show us how to get Bitcoins with BitVisitor, a 5 minute bitsurfer. uBTC and mB... How to get bitcoin from bitvisitor with payment proof - Duration: 3:09. Humayun Kabir 4,501 views. 3:09. Bit Visitor - PTC para BitCoins - Duration: 3:58. Audricd 2,375 views. 3:58 . Shopify Print ...