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# JSON-RPC options (for controlling a running Bitcoin/bitcoind process) # server=1 tells Bitcoin-QT to accept JSON-RPC commands. server=1. Also, when in doubt run bitcoind in one cmd window and bring up a second one. Recurse in to the directory containing bitcoind (inside that second cmd window). Then try to run a simple command (try bitcoind ... i use easybitcoin.php (JSON RPC) script for generating and checking addresses, and i have a problem because i cant get incoming transaction with 0 confirmations on calls list is value minconf=1 and i think that should be change to 0 but i think that is not possible do with easybitcoin.php and should edit bitcoin.conf to get this param to 0. I have my Bitcoind server running on Ubuntu 14.04. The blocks count is updated and its running well. My problem is that when I access Bitcoin RPC using this curl command curl --user user_bitcoin: I have runing bitcoind on ubuntu. bitcoin-cli works fine. I can not get working json rpc protocol bitcoin.conf file: testnet=0 rpcuser="bitcoinrpc" rpcpassword="xxxxx" rpcport=8332 rpcallowip="*" Want to setup RPC in bitcoin mining fees for an exchange who trades for bitcoin. Only bid if you have knowledge of the thing which I need. Skills: Bitcoin, Cryptography, PHP, Software Architecture See more: bitcoin network fee calculator, bitcoin transaction size calculator

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