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What are your thoughts on Armstrong's economic predictions and theories? Will the next big crash occur on or about October 1st, 2015?

You can see his chart where he believes that our current cycle is coming to an end in a spectacular fashion, slated for the 'big one' right as the 2030's kick off:
You can read an overview of his basic ideas at the following link, but be warned: it certainly does sound a little conspiracy-esque. That being said, he writes intelligently and his ideas warrant consideration.
"The bulk of analysts keep saying the stock market will crash and burn. The goldbugs say buy gold. The conspiracy people see some new currency emerging like bitcoin that is even less familiar to people than gold. Yet none seem to grasp that if we are headed into the worse part of this economic storm, how is some new currency going to emerge? Sorry, it is back to old-school. Getting off the grid with a diversification between movable and tangible assets."
It's quite scary to think that the next big crash could be just around the corner, but it makes a lot of sense when you look at the variables lining up: P/E multiples, global debt, international unrest, etc.
Anyway, does anyone have any substantial refutation of his many points?
I know one thing... If/when the market does crash and burn and I feel the bottom is in (Spring/Summer 2016?), you can bet AP will construct a gambit of long calls consisting of a spread of companies in the 3D Printing sector... Because shits gonna get cray cray after that.
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A Fiery Gender Reveal Party, Ohio’s Bitcoin Gambit ... #TX Coin Chart 7 Coin best LGD Coin Chart third target - YouTube Ethereum's Gambit! XVG Verge Coin Chart - YouTube

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A Fiery Gender Reveal Party, Ohio’s Bitcoin Gambit ...

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