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A lot of Linux distributions do not officially package bitcoin clients, and. Armory Wallet change data directory on Ubuntu Bitcoin Forum How To Install Bitcoin. Bitcoin Qt Freezes - To your home directory, do bitcoin wallet linux distro and addresses Bitcointalk Extract private key from multibit-hd Alcor WALLET File. If a wallets/ subdirectory already exists in the data directory root, then ... Speaking as one of developers on MultiBit, it is not currently implemented at the time of writing (Dec 2011) but there are serious development efforts to consolidate the wallet file format to suit all major Bitcoin clients. Expect to see this functionality in Q1 2012. Multibit is a good wallet but is not as advanced as Electrum or Armory, both are deterministic: all the bitcoin addresses ever generated are derived from a seed, and if you have that seed in a secure place you can always recover your wallet. Also, Electrum and Armory are the only two bitcoin wallets that offer cold storage, the most secure way ... bitcoin-qt is needed and used for the entire interaction between Armory and the blockchain. This way Armory 'outsources' all the security of the reference client regarding interactions with the blockchain. Bitcoin-qt doesn't make your computer a miner. It'll take a lot of resources initializing but after its up and synced, it reduces its memory footprint to about 100MB, and disk usage to about ... Electrum is easier. Armory is harder. Electrum lean towards minimalism. Armory is aimed at power users. Even though you asked about offline wallets you will likely want to maintain a watch only version of your wallet on your online system to be able to see the current balance, create unsigned transactions and give out addresses to people who want to send you money. So let's compare the online ...

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Chrono Trigger [Part 12] - Footsteps! Follow, Azala and Nizbel

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