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Tonal Quantum Network - new decentralized own platform for instant information transfer which include

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The Tonal Quantum Network platform (TOQ) – seeks to become world single currency for instant information transfer. The stable and predicted cryptocurrency with quarterly increase in obligations. An opportunity to carry out safe transactions with use of popular cryptocurrency, such as: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Monero, ZEC and other cryptocurrency.
The initial purpose of Tonal Quantum – instant payment of mobile network operator through a uniform purse from any point of the world with the minimum commission and also a conclusion and exchange of cryptocurrency without intermediaries and an additional fee.
Main goal of Tonal Quantum – creation of the decentralized own platform for instant information transfer which include:
  1. Confirmation of identity and value (without intermediaries).
  2. Crediting
  3. Sponsorship and investments
  4. Insurance of value and risk management
  5. Accounting of value
We will sort in more detail
1.Confirmation of identity and value. Now we rely on large intermediaries to establish the confidential relations and to confirm identity of other party in financial transaction. These intermediaries act as arbitrators in access to basic financial services, such as bank accounts and loans. Tonal Quantum Network will lower and will even eliminate need for trust for certain transactions. Our service will also allow participants to support confirmed, full-function and cryptographic the protected electronic profiles and to establish the confidential relations, when necessary.
2.Crediting. From a mortgage to short-term bills of Tonal Quantum Network will simplify issuance of credits: the credit cards, mortgage loans, corporate, municipal and state bonds, securities provided with assets. Now crediting has generated a number of additional branches for check of solvency, maintaining credit history, purpose of credit ratings. For individuals the credit history, for the organizations – credit rating, from "an investment class" to "garbage" is the most important here. In Tonal Quantum Network any will be able to release, exchange and settle traditional debt obligations directly, thereby reducing expenses and risk, and increasing the speed and transparency. Consumers will be able to obtain loans directly the same consumers. It is especially important for users not covered bank service and for businessmen worldwide.
3.Sponsorship and investments. Investment into an asset, the company or the new enterprise gives to the person the chance to receive on it profitability in the form of increase in cost of the capital, dividends, percent, a rent and their various combinations. The branch creates the markets, bringing together investors with businessmen and owners of the companies at all stages of development. Attraction of financial resources usually demands intermediaries: for example, investment banks, venture investors, lawyers. Tonal Quantum Network automates their many functions, will make possible use of new models for direct peer-to-peer financing and also will make record of dividends and payment of coupons more effective, transparent and reliable.
4.Insurance of value and risk management. Risk management and its special case, insurance, is intended for protection of individuals and the companies against unforeseen losses or accident. In a broader sense risk management in the financial markets has generated assemblies of derivatives, difficult structured financial products and other financial instruments for hedging against unpredictable or uncontrollable events. By the last calculations, the par value of all large publicly available derivative securities is 600 trillion dollars. Tonal Quantum Network will support the decentralized insurance models that does use of derivative securities for risk management by much more transparent. The system of reputation based on the social and economic capital of the person, his actions and other reputation parameters will allow insurers to understand much more clearly actuarial risk and to make decisions is more informed.
5.Accounting of values. Accounting is a measurement, processing and transfer of financial information on participants of economic processes. This multi-billion branch is controlled by four giants of audit: Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ernst & Young and KPMG. Traditional practicians of accounting won't cope with the speed and complexity of modern finance. New methods, the applying distributed register Tonal Quantum Network, will make audit and financial statements transparent, and will allow conducting them in real time. Also Tonal Quantum Network considerably will expand a possibility of regulators and other interested persons to keep track of financial activity in corporation.
The new platform allows uniting in real time digital data practically on everything on light. "The register of all" is necessary. Business, trade and economy need digital notation.
How does it concern personally you? We are convinced that the truth is capable to release us and that the distributed trust will exert considerable impact on the person in all spheres of life. Perhaps, you the responsible consumer who wants to learn from where actually meat for his beefsteak has arrived. The immigrant to who has bothered to overpay for money transfers to family on the far homeland. The humanitarian worker who needs to define owners of land possession to restore the houses destroyed by an earthquake. The citizen who wants that activity of politicians became transparent and accountable. To have an opportunity to unmistakably identify the identity of other person to translate and exchange money without confirmation of the third party, for example bank which also demands some percent from the transaction. Thanks to our Tonal Quantum Network through the smart contract the businessman will be able to automate many aspects of activity of the company: purchases, compensation, percent on the credit, financial audit in real time.
«PEER-TO-PEER» or "without intermediaries"
Now there are many huge companies which help to connect the consumer with the supplier. But change of the centralized company the distributed P2P Tonal Quantum application (Peer-to-Peer Tonal Quantum) will come.
For example:
When the tenant looks for the room, the software of P2P Tonal Quantum looks through contents of our blockchain network, finds all offers and shows to the user what corresponds to the set filter. As the network writes down information on transaction in blockchain, the positive review of the user strengthens reputation both the tenant and the lessor and identifies their personality – but now without intermediary.
For the first time in the history of the party will be able, without knowing each other and without trusting each other, to conclude bargains and to run business. Confirmation of the personality and establishment of trust have stopped being the right and the privilege of the financial intermediary. Moreover, in the context of financial services the protocol of trust will gain new value. Tonal Quantum Network will be able to establish the confidential relations when they are necessary, having confirmed identity and solvency of each party by means of history of transactions (in blockchain), values of reputation (on the basis of the aggregated responses) and other socioeconomic indicators.
Our system at the moment works at Blockchain Ethereum, and will pass to the new Blockchain platform soon – Tonal Quantum Network with use of Quantum and computing technologies. On him the Tonal Quantum Network will also be built. Work with quantum – logical elements which are at the same time in superposition of states "0" and "1" is the cornerstone of quantum calculators. At measurement of qubit there is a destruction of superposition and with some probability one of these two states drops out. Operations over qubits change probability of loss of this or that value. In usual computer tasks (for example, additions of numbers), the quantum system won't be able to bypass classical, but the situation changes when in a task search of a huge number of options and optimization of multicomponent system is required. Specialized tests of the calculator, according to the company, have shown his superiority over classical processors by 1000 – 10 000 times. In the world there are no universal quantum computers capable to cope with any tasks yet, however there are worked methods and the principles of calculations and already now will allow our Tonal Quantum Network to solve super difficult tasks. Our investors are interested in our project and at present negotiations with the company on gaining access to Quantum and computing technologies for support of our Tonal Quantum Network are conducted. Classical schemes of blockchain are used generally only for cryptocurrency, and our Tonal Quantum Network will be applied to drawing up smart contracts, storage of information on intellectual property rights and other data. A task of quantum network Tonal Quantum Network to secure classical schemes against unauthorized signing up in network. Besides, in the new concept there is no classical paradigm of Blockchain that any participant of network can form blocks. Instead generation of blocks will happen is decentralized. Our system is capable to support functioning even if a third of knots will "unfair" behave.
The TOQ cryptocurrency will be written on a new algorithm, for our platform. The main power will be allocated for support of Tonal Quantum Network, and other power will use the PoS mode (Proof-of-stake) for this TOQ cryptocurrency.
Power Quantum Netowrk
65% of capacity allocated to support Blockchain network
20% capacities for support of transactions in network
15% capacities for production of cryptocurrency of network to users
Advantages our system
  1. All network Tonal Quantum will be decentralized, and all operations will be supported by Tonal Quantum Network that gives advantages to users to pay the minimum transaction commission.
  2. This commission will go for ensuring maintenance and development of the platform.
  3. Transactions will take place for only a few seconds.
  4. The system will also work in two modes: PoS (Proof-of-Stake) and PoW (Proof-of-Work).
  5. For miners of PoW the separate pool which will reward miners without the commission of a pool will be started.
  6. For holders of coins of PoS all coins got by system will be automatically charged to users (holders of coins). Charge will be calculated based on the ratio of 40000:1.
All coins got in the PoS mode will be distributed equally, depending on quantity of the coins which are stored in the user's purse.
From these transfers you at any time can pay the bill of mobile network operator or exchange them for any other cryptocurrency without the commission.
After start of the Tonal Quantum Network blockchain-platform anyone will be able to participate in a procedure of migration of a token from the Ethereum platform, on the Tonal Quantum Network blockchain-platform at a course 1 to 1 at which the holder of TOQ will have all stated additional opportunities.
Also the Tonal Quantum Network Cryptocurrency exchange where there will be auction not only to TOQ coin, but also to tokens, created on the Tonal Quantum Network platform will be started.
Service offers instant exchange at this rate of cryptocurrency and without the commission to make exchange for a coin of TOQ or for other cryptocurrency and to make payment.
Our service on a straight line contacts bank and sends money to the mobile operator with converting in different currencies (USD, EURO, RUR).
The operator in turn sends transaction to the user and deducts 2% of amount of transfer in our bank and these bonuses will be included in money transfers.
The initial Tonal Quantum Network platform will allow users to make online translations, payments for the mobile operator and trade in cryptocurrency through our service. Payment will happen both to a token (TOQ), and to any other token, also service gives an opportunity to users instantly to exchange any cryptocurrency for TOQ without the commission.
Likely many faced a problem of exchange of cryptocurrency. It is a lot of companies and various services (websites) give this opportunity and respectively take the decent commission for these manipulations.
We, offer you a conclusion of cryptocurrency through our uniform service which will work for a straight line with bank.
We seek to simplify daily actions and to reduce losses which meet in our life absolutely everywhere.
We won't entice investors beautiful pictures and advertising.
Those purposes which we have told you above and those financial means which we could spend for advertising, Are important for us will go specifically for creation of the Tonal Quantum Network platform.
We undertake to submit the report on each our done work to our investors!
Symbol of crypto currency TOQ
Soft Cap $4 500 000
Hard Cap $25 000 000
We accept payment ETH
Distribution of Tokens April 2018
Emission TOQ 300 000 000 generation in
Smart Contract 700 000 000 TOQ Total Quantity
Number of tokens TOQ 1 000 000 000 TOQ
The development team 8 % (80 000 000 TOQ)
Available to distribution 92 % (920 000 000 TOQ)
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