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Ways you may get phished

All credit for this is to MajesticGarden on TheHub. I did not write this, but just want to spread the awareness.
1) The credential stealer, or "locked out after depositing"
This is the most common technique. A member sends you a PM with "your dox information", inappropriate listing, etc. and gives you the link. In order to get a clear mind, you follow the link (it's NOT a real market link, but rather a "proxy" link that fetches the real market data, but captures the POST data), log in your account, and see that everything is all right. The phisher gets your credentials, logs in, and cleans your balance by making a purchase. If there is no balance, the phisher takes note of your deposit address, and monitors it for incoming coins. When it hits 3 confirmations, he logs in, cleans your balance, and you make a "coins not received" or "coins vanished" post on Helpdesk. The phisher changes your password and PGP. You also make a "locked out after depositing" post. How to prevent: Simply use only official links. Don't follow random links. Note: Some phishing links are all around: Google, etc. so use only trusted sources. Some links look very similar to official ones. In doubt, add a moderator to the conversation.
2) The PIN stealer
You follow a "special" phishing link that asks for your PIN and mnemonic upon login. Markets do not, and will NEVER, ask for your PIN on the login page. If the login page asks for your PIN, you are on a phishing page. You then make a deposit, and the phisher logs in, and uses your PIN to withdraw your coins. You then get shocked at your balance vanishing. You reset your password, but the phisher takes it back because he has the mnemonic. Game over. On your Balance page, you will see an authorized withdrawal made to an address that isn't yours. How to prevent: Only use official links. Note: Many users have been arguing about this one. There is no way to insert a withdrawal without having a valid session cookie and the PIN. We have investigated this throughly and the conclusion is that someone got your PIN.
3) The special deposit address
You follow a special phishing link again, just like #1. You go on your Balance page, see your "deposit address", copy and paste it in your Bitcoin client, and send the coins straight to the attacker's wallet. You make a "coins not arrived" post, and get a "This isn't an market address" reply. That link fetches the data from the market, but changes the on-screen deposit address. You then check the PGP proof of ownership, and see that it doesn't validate. Some links even display their own PGP key in the contact page, so you validate the phisher's address using the phisher's key. You then send your coins to the phisher. How to prevent: Only use official links. Get the REAL market key and use it to validate stuff.
4) The withdrawal changer (less common)
You have a malware or a BTC stealer process that changes the address in the clipboard when you copy / paste an address. You copy your wallet address, paste it in the "withdraw" field, it gets changed to the phisher's wallet, and you send the coins straight to them. This can happen on the real market if you got the malware. How to prevent: Don't install random stuff and stay away from Windows. Note: Some phishing links also change the address when you click Send, without requiring any type of malware.
5) Bitcoin system malfunction or fast deposit address.
This is typically in a PM where a user is told that the system cannot accept deposits normally, or that they will be very slow, and will provide a bitcoin address for you to quickly send your money to. This is not an market address, this is a phisher's bitcoin address. Any bitcoin sent to a bitcoin address you got from a PM will be lost and cannot be recovered.
--- Key points to remember --- - We strongly urge users to use 2FA when logging in. This eliminates 99% of phishing. - The login page does not ask for your PIN. If you have to enter your PIN on login, you are on a phishing page. - Do not use the same password elsewhere. Some users got compromised that way. - There is no way to change the password without knowing the original. If your password got changed, someone knew your previous one. - There is no way to withdraw without a PIN. An authorized withdrawal means that someone got your PIN.
--- I've been phished, what can I do now? --- You can usually reset your password on the the markets forum or from another account. For AlphaBay is it the /forgot.php page. Make sure you are using an official link. If you use the password reset form using a phishing link, you should probably stay away from technology. If you lost money due to phishing, unfortunately there's nothing anyone can do about that.
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Hot! Fortnite Gamers Targeted by Malware That Steals BTC Addresses

I was shocked when I read this today.
Fortnite - one of the most popular games in the world now - gamers got scammed. Scammers using malware that targets the Bitcoin (BTC) wallet addresses, as Cybersecurity firm Malwarebytes said.
How did it happen? So, thieves are sneaking malicious data theft code into downloads that apparently promise “free” season six Fortnite Android versions, among other “bogus cheats, wallhacks and aimbots.” So-called “free V-Bucks” – an in-game currency that can be used to purchase additional gaming content – also conceal malicious packages of code. The download links were shared via scammers youtube channels. Interesting? Next more!
As investigation said, more than 1,200 downloads had already been completed. A file named “Trojan.Malpack,” was a data stealer targeting Bitcoin wallets. The file in question reportedly attempted to redirect the siphoned information “via a POST command to an /index.php file in the Russian Federation, courtesy of the IP address
The crypt mining malware (cryptojacking – among hackers) is continuously rising.
source: cointelegraph
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