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Anyone else have an unopened Gen 1 Casascius coin? (x-post from /r/Bitcoin)

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X/post /r/bitcoin - Casascius 1000 BTC Fine Gold Coins BIP38 Private Keys

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[X-post from /r/mildlyinteresting] Can this please be what news outlets show from now on as physical embodiment of bitcoin, instead of casascius coins?

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[uncensored-r/btc] Help - gifted Physical 1 BTC Casascius Bitcoin [X-post: bitcoin]

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The open modlog reason it was greylisted as reported by /btc was: Removed, account age less than required - please try again later
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[X-post from /r/mildlyinteresting] Can this please be what news outlets show from now on as physical embodiment of bitcoin, instead of casascius coins?

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Producer of Physical “Casascius” Bitcoins is Being Targeted by the Feds [auto-x-post - OP was quantumcipher]

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Partially redeeming a Casascius physical bitcoin - help request

Overview of problem
I have a Casascius physical bitcoin and I am unable to add its digital contents to a wallet. It seems that the key is not the right length or format. I started to get out of my depth with talk of things like a Minikey format.
I removed the hologram when I was given it years ago as I was curious what was under there. I don't want to sell it instead I want to add its 1 BTC value to a wallet so I can partially redeem it and keep the physical brass as a collectible.
What I have observed and tried (apologies in advance for butchering terms)
I've searched several sites, including here and haven't been able to find a current answer for the new style of keys and wallets.
I put the seven character code from the hologram into the casascius.uberbills dot com site and it gives me a 33 character key, tells me it's version 2 and confirms that it has a 1 BTC value
I've tried to import it into a Blockchain wallet but get the error "this private key does not match the watch only address above" when I enter the private key under the hologram. For some reason it seems like a different public address is generated when I enter the 33 char code.
I tried to import it into a Jaxx Liberty wallet but it doesn't recognise the minikey or 33 char code as valid.
I've basically run up against my level of knowledge and don't know what the next steps are of if I'm missing something bleeding obvious. I double and triple checked any data entry because I saw this was a common problem.
I'd really appreciate any help or pointers the community can give me.
I followed the advice given by u/murbul in reply to my post
You might struggle to find a wallet that natively supports MINI keys these days since it's an old format that never really took off apart from Casascius coins. So your best bet is to use a tool to convert it to a real private key (starting with 5) and import/sweep that into a wallet.
You can convert it on the Wallet Details tab of - For 1 BTC I'd be paranoid enough to recommend downloading the source and doing everything offline:
I used the site and one of the keys generated was one starting with '5' (Private Key WIF). I used this in Jaxx Liberty in the 'Paper Wallet Import' function under tools and it came right across.
I’m very happy.
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This post is not about the block size limit.

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Buttcoiner shows off buttcoins, which are worth their weight in gold, and not actual buttcoins.

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Is this Bitcoin collection worth anything?

Sorry if this is in the wrong place.
I have a few coins and other things I've collected over the years and just wondering if it was worth anything, I can't find much information on the Web.
2x 2012 1BTC Casascius coins
1x 2013 1BTC Casascius coin
2x 2013 0.5BTC Casascius coins
1x 2012 5BTC Casascius coin
(all of the above were redeemed this year, unfortunately)
1x Satori 0.001 Post fork coin (funded)
1x 2nd edition Bitcoin Magazine 2012
Not pictured:
2x Satori 0.001 Prefork (funded)
1x Lealana 2018 5LTC coin (funded)
1x BTCC Mint 1K Bits Chip (funded)
Picture of some of collection
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So I'm pretty sure I saw an early adopter today...

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questions about 2011 casascius bitcoin

hello, I have an active 2011 casascius bitcoin. It is the first series with the "casacius" spelling error in the hologram. I discovered recently that this coin has sold for as much as $10,000 on ebay and even saw one listed for $100,000 today. I contacted a coin broker, but said they did not know enough about bitcoin to help me and knew of no one to refer me to. I am now wondering about a couple of things:
*Do I need to have the coin graded and encapsulated? If so do you have recommendations of where to do this?
*I have been storing it in a waterproof pelican case for the last few years, but initially it just sat in a drawer. how much would the condition affect the value? I don't know anything about coins, but I would assume that it is not "mint", even though it looks good to me. I've included a picture for some frame of reference.
*Where would be the best place to sell something like this for USD? I have not used ebay before and am hesitant to have this be the first thing I sell.
I'm sorry if this is similar to questions that have been asked before. I really don't even know exactly what to ask about, I am just looking for any advice on what to do with something that seems to be very valuable at the moment.
Thanks for your help, if there is a better place to post about this please let me know.
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Basic Bitcoin security guide

This post is to give you a quick introduction into Bitcoin security. While nobody can guarantee you 100% security, I hope to mitigate some problems you can run into. This is the “20% of effort to get you to 80% safe”.
First of all, you have to determine how much money you want to hold in Bitcoin and how much effort are you willing to put in. If you are happy just holding a few dollars worth and don’t care if you lose them, that’s one approach to take. For everyone else, lets get started.
Password strength
A lot of the times how secure your money is will be determined by the strength of your password. Since in the worst case scenario we are talking about someone trying to brute force your wallet, casual online passwords are too weak. Under 10 characters is too weak. Common words and phrases are too weak. Adding one number to a password at the end is too weak.
Moreover, you can consider your password much weaker if you:
If you want a really strong password:
Wallet security
Now we are getting to the meat of things.
There are a number of wallets available to store your hard earned bitcoins. If you have a decent amount of coins to store, you should look into software wallets - BitcoinQT, MultiBit, Armory or Electrum. They are among the best place to store your money safely (provided your computer is secure as well). Chose one you think best suits you, install it and encrypt your wallet file with your strong password. You should take your wallet file and back it up (location of the file is different for different clients, so you have to do some research as to where to find that file). Back it up on a CD, safe USB drive or the like. Keep them safe. If you lose that file, you will lose your money.
A quick word on deterministic wallets. Electrum and Armory allow you to create wallets from a seed. If you use the same seed later, you can recreate your wallet on other machines. With deterministic wallets, you only need to keep that seed secure to have access to your money.
In comparison, in BitcoinQT's traditional wallet, every address you use is random, meaning that after you send 50-100 outgoing transactions your backups can be obsolete. Always keep an up-to-date backup of such wallet file if possible.
Okay, sometimes you need to have your Bitcoins with you when you leave your computer. In this case, you should look into either online or mobile wallets. A staple for both of those is, but there are others to chose from.
A good rule of thumb with these is to not store more money in them than you can afford to lose. They are best used as a convenient way of accessing some money, not storing your savings. Online wallets are especially vulnerable to their servers getting hacked and people’s money getting stolen.
What to keep in mind while using online wallets:
  • Use a secure password (the more money you have in them the stronger the password should be)
  • Always keep a backup of your wallet in case you need to recover your money
  • Whenever possible, enable two factor authentication
  • Don’t use your online wallets from unsafe computers
Cold storage
Sometimes you want to store your bitcoins for a long time in a safe place. This is called “cold storage”. There are a few ways one can do this.
First of all, paper wallets. They are nice for giving people small bitcoin gifts, but also for long-term storage if properly used. What you want to do is generate and print them offline. You can save the linked page for example and run that offline. If you are really paranoid, you can put it on read-only media and access that from a different computer. For really long term storage, use archival-grade paper.
Another approach to take is using a separate computer for storing your money that is offline 99+% of the time. You could set one up easily by buying an old laptop, reformatting it, installing Linux and a Bitcoin client. Generate an address on that machine and send money to it from your main wallet. Depending on how paranoid you are you can connect that computer to the Internet afterwards to synchronize data with the Bitcoin Network and then turn it off and put it away somewhere safe until it’s needed.
Brain wallets
Don’t. They are not for you. Unless you are a security-conscientious programmer, those are not for you.
Keeping all of your eggs in one basket is never a good thing. You should look into diversifying some of your Bitcoin assets in case your other storage methods fail. Some ways you can diversify:
  • Buy a physical Bitcoin. As long as you trust the coin creator such coins can be an effective cold storage
  • Invest - I wouldn’t recommend this for more than some trivial amount unless you know what you are doing, but investing in some Bitcoin stocks could be a way to get more money out of your bitcoins
How not to diversify:
  • Avoid keeping your bitcoins at exchanges or other online sites that are not your online wallets. Such sites can be closed down or disappear along with your money.
  • Alt-coins - there are few cryptocurrencies that are worthwhile, but most of them are just Bitcoin clones. If a currency brings nothing new, it’s worthless in comparison to Bitcoin. Namecoin is a distributed domain name server (although recently it had a fatal flaw uncovered, so be warned), Ripple is a distributed currency exchange and payment system. Litecoin will only be useful in case Bitcoin’s hashing algorithm gets compromised (very unlikely at this time). Beyond that there are few if any alt-coins that are a worthwhile way of diversifying.
Accepting payments and safety
We’ve covered safe ways to store money, now a quick note about bitcoin payments and their safety.
First of all, when you are sending a transaction, pay your fees. Transactions without fees can take forever to propagate, confirm and clear. This can cause you a lot of stress, so pay your fees.
Secondly, when accepting large Bitcoin payments (say you want to suddenly cash in a gold bar into bitcoins), wait for at the very least 1 confirmation on those transactions. 6 is best, but having even 1 confirmations is a lot better than having none. This is mainly a rule of thumb for the paranoid (I wouldn’t be doing this for most casual transaction), but maybe it will save you if you are dealing with some shady people.
Wrapping up...
That should cover the basics. If you want to read more about Bitcoin’s security in general, here is my master thesis on the subject. A lot of questions about Bitcoin and security have also been answered on Bitcoin StackExchange - be sure to check it out.
Comments and improvement suggestions welcome.
  • Removed link to insecure site
  • Removed random article section
  • Added information about deterministic wallets
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To arms Bitcoin community! Help us to complete this mining installation for the Zürich MoneyMuseum. We are not asking for funds. Only your expertise needed! 20$ tip if you give us the relevant clue to solve or mitigate our main problem. Nice pictures of the exhibition inside as well…

A big thank you to all people who helped us we can now mine true pps with diff1! The people in this thread which have helped most have been awarded. I want to mention also the operator of denis2342 and Luke-Jr.
Actually looking at the miner screen in the Linux terminal helped a lot ;-). The pool constantly resigned to stratum with variable difficulty. We can now mine true pps with diff1. Getwork with long polling seems to be default after disabling stratum...
We will probably post again, when there is a video of the installation in action...
Again many thanks. Learned a lot.
Edit: Thank you for all the answeres so far! We will try different things now and report back. Tip bounty will be distrubuted as soon as we found out what finally does the trick. Ths could take a few days. The offerd tip will be distributed and very likeley a few others as well.
First of all, let me tell you that the Bitcoin Exhibition at the Zürich MoneyMuseum is most likely the biggest and most diverse of it’s kind. Please read more about the museum and the exhibition below.
Help us solve the following problem we experience with our “Muscle Powered Proof of Work” installation:
Me and a friend have invested a lot of time to build an installation for the Museum. It is basically a 10GHash/s miner and RapberryPi which is powered by a hand generator (Maxon DC motor with planetary gear). Here are some pictures of the installation, although not entirely put together yet. There are still some changes planned.
Now let’s get to the core of our problem:
We are mining at the getwork diff1 pool as it is a true pps pool with getwork diff1. The visitors in the museum can power the generator for 2-3min and see directly how many Satoshis the "network" (actually pool but we don't want to confuse the visitors to much at that point) has given the museum for their work. This all works well so far but one problem remains. Sometimes the pool does not get a share from us for more than 40 seconds or even more than 60 in some cases. I have calculated that with 8.4 GHash/s we should find a share about every 0.5 seconds in average (diff1). I think when the pool gets a share it gets all the hashes as it then accounts for several Satoshis. Statistically we get per minute what we should get in theory. We would very much like to lower the time between the accepted shares by the pool, however. This would help to make the overall experience much smoother for the visitors.
Please look at this screenshot from MinePeon and answer some questions:
We see that we get a lot of diff1 hashes. However, only 11 shares/packages have been accepted. The Is there a possibility to set the miner SW so it submits to the pool as soon as a share is found? It seems to send them in packages which sometimes have 4-5 seconds in between but sometimes a much as 80 seconds. I would like to submit packages of hashes much more often. How can this be influenced?
What exactly are the Getworks (GW)?
What exactly are the Accepted ones (Acc)? This is where the TipBounty is. Help us to get a better Acc/diff1 ratio. Best would be 1:1.
What exactly are the rejected ones (Rej)?
What exactly are the discarded ones (Disc)?
What exactly are the difficulty one hashes (diff1)?
Now some of these questions seem very very basic but it is important for us to understand what these are and how we can influence these. We have a 1:1 correlation between the Acc and the pool side acknowledgement of shares/packages. So whenever the MinePeon shows one more for this value the pool value for last submitted share goes to “moments ago”.
Does the miner SW have a setting where we can set after how many diff1 hashes a package of hashes is sent to the pool? If no, do you have another idea why so few are sent? Ideally we would set it so the diff1 hashes are sent every 5 seconds or so, probably even more often.
Is stratum with fixed diff1 possible? If so, would it be better to use stratum?
Are there critical settings if we should know of? (we have tried --request-diff and --no-submit-stale)
We are using BFGMiner on MinePeon if that matters. We could switch to CGMiner if that would help. Any help is very much appreciated. The museum is doing a great job explaining Bitcoin basics. We had special focus on interactive learning and have several things to underline this.
I hope to hear back from you so we can improve our installation. Please don't hesitate to ask if you have further questions. We are both not mining experts.
Thanks for reading and AMA.
Current features of the Bitcoin exhibition at the Zürich MoneyMuseum:
Current Features:
  • Life screen with various stats/charts/parameters/transactions…
  • Printed infographics.
  • Muscle powered PoW: Hand generator with 5v and 3.5-5A output, Raspberry Pi, MinePeon, 5x Antminer U2+ plus a screen to show the hash-rate at the pool and/or in MinePeon web interface. This screen will not be hand powered. This installation will complement their coining die (go to 1:27 to see what I mean).
  • The Bitcoin mining evolution (CPU, GPU, FPGA, ASIC)
  • A few short (2-3 minutes) interviews.
  • Other wallets, Trezor, PiperWallet
  • ATM Prototype, functional
  • MoneyMuseum Bit-Cards
  • PiperWallet to use.
  • Casascius and other physical Bitcoins, Wallets (also some commemorative coins), Paper wallet like one out of the first Bitcoin (A)TM ever
  • Bitcoin Quiz
  • 12 Picture tours
    • Bitcoin for beginners
    • Bitcoin advanced
    • Debunking 13 Bitcoin myths
    • What you definitely have to know
    • The history of Bitcoin
    • Bitcoin und traditional forms of money
    • Alternatives to Bitcoin
    • Citations about Bitcoin
    • How do I open an account?
    • How do I get Bitcoin?
    • Bitcoin community and economy
    • Bitcoin as a platform
I see this as a good opportunity for Bitcoin, so let’s embrace it. I am especially excited to compare the traditional forms of money which used proof of work to the new money which also uses proof of work. I think in that context it will be much easier for the visitors to value this concept.
A lot of schools and other groups book guided tours at the museum. It is open on every Friday from December 05. On. Entry is free of charge.
Edit:Markdown, typos
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It's my cake day! I'm ready to celebrate by sharing with some new bitcoiners!

Giveaway Status: Tips have been distributed. I'm out! Sorry!
I'm interested in giving some bitcoin to redditors who have never used it before...
There are 4 ways to win cakeday prizes: The giveaway has concluded.
  1. I'm leaving the house to go sledding. I won't be responding for an hour or two. Please don't flip out if I don't tip immediately.
  2. I have .21 BTC (about $50 USD) to tip. Tips will not exceed this.
  3. I have the final say in who gets what. If you'll be butthurt because I didn't tip you, then just move along. If I change my mind or get hit by a bus you ought to be happy with your contribution regardless of a tip.
  4. I reserve the right to change the terms of this giveaway at any time for any reason.
  5. I will update the thread if any terms change.
  6. Each user can probably only claim one tip.
Origin Story:
A couple of people have asked who I am that I can afford to be generous with bitcoin. Maybe my username makes it a bit mysterious. I got hooked on bitcoin the first time I saw a mention of it on April 19, 2011. I did some GPU mining and eventually sold or gave away most of my coins in the form of Casascius coins that same year. When BFL announced ASIC miners, I spent all of my remaining coins on BFL ASICS and more or less lost everything. I currently hold fewer coins than anyone would guess. Regardless of my personal experience I am a technophile and I believe bitcoin will revolutionize the world (in time). I realize I'm not going to be rich when this happens, but it's enough to be a part of it - and I want others to join me on this exciting ride. I chose the "secret_bitcoin_login" username two years ago because I was alienating a lot of my regular reddit friends by ranting on and on about bitcoin - setting up this account helped me to containerize my thoughts and talk about bitcoin as much as I wanted to. I believe in strong and positive community, so I spend a lot of my time sharing and encouraging others. The $50 I am sharing today isn't "free money", it's part of my earned wages that I used to buy bitcoin from coinbase to share with you all.
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Casascius planning to start selling coins again!

Here is his blog post about it:
Resuming some sales.
tl;dr: He is mostly changing business models to ship unfunded coins.
I find this personally validating because that is already my business model. Please check out my Indiegogo campaign because I think in addition to a collectible bitcoin we need one that is designed specifically for trade.
Indiegogo campaign
Numisalis home page
Previous reddit announcement
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7 Interesting Facts of Bitcoin /r/Bitcoin

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There is a 30 day comment period for the current Bitlicense proposal. Unless there are substantial changes, New York will be a Bitcoin dead zone

The 30 day comment period starts next week. Bitlicense, as proposed will force most companies that store customer BTC deposits to block New York IP addresses. There is very little chance that Lawsky will make any further changes to it, so what will this mean for Bitcoin around the world?
EDIT, as a reminder:
This is how the Bitlicense will affect Bitcoin businesses, taken from here:
(I've added modifications in light of changes in the new proposal and information that I found was missing in the original write-up)
Entities are considered dealing in virtual currencies if:
.. to any resident in New York. Web services, even those incorporated overseas, must either comply or block access for NY users. (200.2n)
Entities 'dealing in virtual currency' must:
The (only?) good news: Merchants do not need a BitLicense to accept Bitcoin for a good or service. (200.3c2).
> This post was created for general guidance, and does not constitute legal advice. You should not act upon the information contained in this publication without obtaining specific advice from a professional. No representation or warranty (expressed or implied) is given as to the accuracy or completeness of the information contained in this post.
EDIT 2, targetpro suggested expressing any concerns you may have about the proposed regs to the NY Dept. of Finan. Services:
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Gifting Bitcoin

First off, I have not dabbled in any form of cryptocurrency myself at this point. I have two young nephews who live and breathe the internet. I was thinking that finding a way to give them BTC would be way more interesting than the usual Amazon giftcard. They might use it on Steam, they might save it, whatever. I think most of all it would be nice for them to be exposed to the idea of cryptocurrency besides just reading about it online.
It's Christmas, and I'd like to be able to give them a nice physical representation of the BTC along with some basic guidelines on what to do with it, how to handle it, and where they can spend it right now if they so choose. I have found, but still need to research some on how to actually obtain the BTC for the wallet. I also found Casascius physical coins that I think would be pretty cool.
Any advice on the best way to gift BTC would be helpful. Anything I should be aware of or need to watch out for? How have you gifted BTC in the past? What can I order to expect a timely delivery before the holidays? Perhaps I need to do some noob research on what wallet I should start off with, etc...
Thanks for the help.
Edit: perhaps I should have posted this at /BitcoinBeginners. I just found that sub. Please let me know if this question would be more suitable for there.
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Bitcoin History Part 4: Casascius Creates Physical Bitcoins - Crypto Insider Info - Whales's

Posted at: December 12, 2018 at 05:23PM
Bitcoin History Part 4: Casascius Creates Physical Bitcoins
Automate your Trading via Crypto Bot :
Join Telegram Channel for FREE Crypto Bot: Crypto Signal
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Loaded 2012 series 2 Casascius btc. How much is it worth?

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In January I started Project Bitcoin - a social experiment to turn a coin into a house making only bitcoin transactions. I've made 9 transactions with Casascius and others around the world. It's been a wild ride, and I am excited to share an update with the community that's taken the ride with me.

Here's the website for Project Bitcoin:
Overview of the Project: I started with a coin and I am making only international transactions with bitcoin until, hopefully, I arrive at a house. The purpose, in addition to the social experiment, is to showcase our global bitcoin community, and to tell a (hopefully positive) story about bitcoin and the bitcoin community.
My transactions - which have traversed Peru, the US, Brazil, England, Austria, and now France:
  1. for 17 mBTC I found a Peruvian metal worker to engrave one side of a central bank issued Peruvian Sol to Jonathan in England for .1 bitcoin.
  2. For 150 mBTC, I purchased 4 hand crafted leather wallets with the bitcoin logo from Phinnaeus Gate and sold them to Eduardo in Brazil.
  3. For 273 mBTC, I purchased two .1btc Casascius coins from Casascius and sold them to Daniel in Austria.
  4. For 1 BTC, I purchased a statue that blew up from Michael:
  5. For 1 BTC, I purchased the Last (Bitcoin) Supper painting from Youl.
Quick Summary: The project began January 10th. For 6 weeks, things moved FAST. The Gox debacle and declining price of bitcoin have seemed to really shake things up. The Last (Bitcoin) Supper painting is, I believe, a crazy genius commentary on bitcoin... and there is nothing in the world like it. But it hasn't yet received any real offers.
When I started Project Bitcoin in January, I understood that this would be a wild ride - and I signed up for that ride... rain or shine. It hasn't disappointed. I've gotten to meet AMAZING people in the bitcoin community, people who've kept up my belief in the kind of transformation bitcoin and the surrounding community can make in the world.
I've learned a lot since the Project Bitcoin began in January, and I am happy to answer any questions. I am also hoping that people don't kneejerk downvote before they get to know me and the project. This has been a labor of love, and the best way I've known to make a contribution to our community!
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2013 Casascius Bitcoin  Physical Bitcoin Revealed: Volume 1 casascius coins auction Holding a Bitcoin: The First Tangible Bitcoin by Casascius (5 BTC) — worth 300x its weight in gold 10BTC & 1BTC Casascius Coins - Physical Bitcoins casascius bitcoin

'''Radial Bitcoin''' is a page once created by Casascius as a satirical disparagement of [[tonal bitcoin]]. It is now, temporarily at the least, an apology piece toward the person and the idea the satire was directed toward. Not for any specific reason or in reaction to anything - rather, this morning I got up and decided that today I would post this. Satoshi Nakamoto described Bitcoin as “a network based digital currency”. But what happens when bitcoins are made tangible? Casascius Coins. On January 7, 2011, Mike Caldwell asked himself the same question and posted a proposal on to create a physical Bitcoin token. In his proposal he suggested that “it needed to be a physical medium of exchange that can be entirely ... As of July 12, 2020, there’s approximately 45,764 BTC still active in the Casascius physical bitcoin collection. For instance, on Ebay there’s two Casascius coins selling for far more than the ... Each Casascius Bitcoin is a collectible coin backed by real Bitcoins embedded inside. Each piece has its own Bitcoin address and a redeemable "private key" on the inside, underneath the hologram. Some of my past products have included: ฿1 Casascius Coin: This is a solid brass coin. Each 1-bitcoin coin is about 1.125inch (28.6mm) in diameter (just bigger than a US quarter but smaller than a ... Mike Caldwell, the founder of Casascius, was the first to produce physical bitcoins. Sadly he was forced by the government to stop selling loaded physical bitcoins on Nov 27, 2013. Mike Caldwell was the first to produce a physical bitcoin with actual bitcoin loaded unto the coin. The idea was that bitcoin was loaded on the coin and could be circulated in face-to-face transactions. The person ...

[index] [42380] [20444] [43455] [5054] [14775] [42672] [28644] [45021] [8023] [48628]

2013 Casascius Bitcoin Physical Bitcoin Revealed: Volume 1

This is a 2013 Brass Casascius Bitcoin. It is said to be the most common physical Casascius Bitcoin with over 8,200 having been created. This particular coin is graded MS-66 out of 70, but the ... Physical bitcoins exist; coins minted by numismatic enthusiasts that contain the digital bitcoin within. The most famous physical bitcoin was minted by Casascius from 2011 to 2013 before the the U ... video of casascius coins and bitcoin bearer bar for this auction: Interested in buying? Contact me at [email protected] redeeming casascius bitcoin - Duration: 3:25. 15azScMm 9,196 views. 3:25. SPY Dropping Off The 300 ZONE? Bull or Bear? The Boiler Room 100 watching. Live now; 3 in 1 Homemade Lathe Machine. Part 1 ...