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Numoni Launches First Bitcoin ATM Machine in Malaysia

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How Singapore is taking the global Bitcoin ATM market by storm

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4 Bitcoin ATMS now active in Singapore! (3 live, one more launching tonight)

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Difficult to purchase doge in my local currency so this is what I'm gonna do

Background: I used to be able to acquire doge relatively easily in local currency (Malaysian Ringgit) from local sellers like lincoln_lava (hey sister shibe, where are you nowadays? no news mate?) and from localdogecoin. It was a great experience to use local bank transfer instead of PayPal or Skrill. The fun at localdogecoin was short-lived as all the local sellers slowly left the market possibly due to the declining price of doge. See for yourself, it’s empty offering in localdogecoin ughhh!
My plan to buy doge:
Buy BTC in local currency bank account
Deposit BTC to
Exchange BTC to doge at (preferably at 100 Satoshi, yummy!)
Withdraw doge from to my wallet-qt
The edits below will document each step until I finally get my doge love!
EDIT 1: About a week ago, Numoni Pte Ltd (a Singaporean company), has installed a BTC ATM at Bangsar Shopping Centre. It is about an hour drive from my place. The ATM launching appeared in some local media (read here: So yesterday, I braved the horrendous traffic and paid expensive parking to go to this so-called high-end shopping mall. I made my way to the advertised shop, which seems like a mobile/PC hardware selling stuff. No BTC ATM there! The staff said Numoni took it away a few days ago sigh. Given that the ATM launching was around 3/27, it was probably taken away about 2-3 days after going live, ughh! Anyway, I’ve posted on Numoni’s FB page and currently waiting for their definitive answer. On the bright side, Chili’s quesadilla and nachos at the mall were all good. Burppp! Oh yes!
EDIT 2: As the ATM route was bust, I checked out localbitcoins. It seems more promising as there are plenty of local sellers that will accept fiat from my local bank accounts. I’ve raised BTC purchase request and am currently waiting for the seller to respond. It is midnight here so nothing much to do until tomorrow. Grrr! OK, I've gotten my BTC, yay! Time to hit
EDIT 3: Nothing yet but hopefully this is the part where I receive my BTC to my light wallet (Hive? Electrum? Multibit? Any suggestion?) I've downloaded electrum. Nice, clean interface. But man, BTC does take sometime to be moved to and fro. Grrr! (again!)
EDIT 4: Nothing yet but hopefully this is the part where I trade all BTC to doge at and transfer my baby doge to my local wallet After 1.5hrs, my BTC finally appears on, well, still faster than international wire, right? Time to embrace those doge! Put buy order at 107 (I know I said 100 satoshis above but who am I kidding, LOL). Order went through easily! Great job moolah_
EDIT 5: Nothing yet but hopefully I won’t have to use this edit section. It can’t be that complicated, right? (-vvv-) It's time to transfer these baby doge to my wallet-qt. WOW, such easy!
OK, time to summarize:
Maybe some of you shibes will ask why I don’t register my local bank account with kraken, prelude, VOS, etc. I believe the verification will take some time (well, I’m not American, Canadian or European) and the international wire transfer is both expensive and time-consuming. I hope my assumption is correct on this one, though. TOO THE MOON!
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Official Launch of Malaysia’s 1st Bitcoin Vending Machine

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Testování Bitcoin Bankomatů v Singapuru NUMONI 财经追击 Norma Sit - Numoni Pte Ltd NUMONI HELPS DARSHAN MARRY DOLLY, THE GIRL OF HIS DREAMS!!! NUMONI GROUP : 2015

NUMONI is here to improve people’s lives through innovation. Our products provide communities unparalleled convenience to run their errands anytime anywhere, so that they have more time to enjoy their lives. Want More Information? We would love to hear from you! Get In Touch. Numoni Pte. Ltd. Singapore . 38 Jalan Pemimpin #07-09 M38, Singapore 577178 +65 6353 0288. [email protected] www ... Numoni has installed its bitcoin AVMs in Bangsar Shopping Centre here and Gurney Plaza in Penang after launching it at the 2014 Mobile World Congress held in Spain last month. While different ... How to use real money to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Neo and other Altcoins. Cryptocurrency fundamentals such as the name, volume, price, volatility & graph candlesticks. What the blockchain is and why it's revolutionary. How to understand the fundamentals of a cryptocurrency trading graph. and more! Die In Singapur Ansässige Numoni Pte Ltd Hat Ihren Allerersten Bitcoin Auf Den Markt Gebracht Geldautomat In Malaysia.Es Ist Eine Große Initiative, Die Die Digitale Währung Vorantreibt, Unabhängig Davon, Wie Regierungen Sich Bemühen, Die Münze Zu Regulieren.Durch Dieses Projekt Hofft Das Unternehmen Auf Einen Anstieg Der Digitalen Währungsnutzer In Dem Land In Malaysien Gibt Es Etwa 1 ... Find location of Numoni Bitcoin ATM machine in Kuala Lumpur at F116, 1st Floor, 285 Jalan Maarof, Bukit Bandaraya, 5900 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

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Testování Bitcoin Bankomatů v Singapuru

Bitcoin is the real deal and if you wanna know more about it, then add me at Facebook (and send me a PM), Twitter and join to goal to create a community of like-minded individuals who also have a ... The Numoni Group of Companies is A Committed Group of Individuals who want to serve the Underbanked by bringing Financial Services to them in simple low cost ways. (C) 2015. COPYRIGHT. ALL RIGHTS ... Numoni Auto Transaction Machine - Created in Singapore for the World. Launching at World Mobile Congress 2014. Enquire now for a great deal! [email protected] Adresa: Citylink Mall Singapore Bitcoin ATM, 1 Raffles Link #B1-K4 Singapore 039393 Numoni: Vzhled: 3/5 Jednoduchost obsluhy: 3/5 Rychlost: 4/5 Je možný výběr: Ne Je potřeba ověření ... Video of Miss Norma Sit Done by students of Singapore Management University, academic year 2011-2012, Special Term 3B, Group 6, G2.