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Cryptocurrencies plunge for the week with Bitcoin still below USD$6,550, forecasters project 54% per annum growth in the Cryptocurrency ATM industry over 5 years and Coinbase explores launching a Bitcoin ETF with BlackRock

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NFT Spotlight #16 - Lumi Wallet for your crypto valuables and NFTs

What is this Lumi?

The Lumi Wallet is powered by a team of crypto enthusiasts who figured out that digital assets need a proper digital wallet just like currencies do. It’s a no brainer, but somebody had to do it!

What is Lumi working on?

Lumi is a cryptocurrency storage which supports the most popular coins and tokens providing users with a high security level and a great user interface. It is a smoothly designed, completely anonymous and easy-to-use wallet. Apart from A-list cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum, the Lumi Wallet also provides storage and management options for furry and galactic assets like Crypto Detective, Blockchain Cuties, and 0x Universe. All consolidated in one single wallet.

How do they do it?

The key is security combined with a great interface. Storing and managing you crypto assets is no joke, and Lumi Wallet provides private key creation directly on your device instead of on servers, which brings the security of your wallet straight to your hands.
A well-structured and safe back-end doesn't come solo, though. It is paired with an intuitive and easy to use front-end interface, making the Lumi Wallet an ideal asset management tool for both beginners as well as industry masters. As Lumi implemented the NFT and dapp layers to its spectrum of wallet functionalities, crypto collectors got a new tool on the market that helps them manage their collectibles in a fun but safe way.

Lumi wallet in action

You can go with either web or mobile version - or both! Create an account of Lumi Wallet online, and as long as you know your credentials, you can access your wallet anytime and from anywhere. You can even add your existing wallet to your Lumi account on the Import Wallet section. If you prefer living your life on the go or from the palm of your hand, go with the AppStore or Google Play mobile app wallet to store, send, review and exchange your BTC, BCH, ETH, and several tokens.
For all the avid collectors out there, the Lumi Collect mobile app is embracing the non-fungible NFT collectibles. Both AppStore and Google Play open the door to non-fungibility, just download the app and add new collectibles to your wallet.

Non-fungible Q&A

We're happy to have Lumi Wallet's CEO, Diana Furman, join our NFT Series, and see her adding a share of non-fungible views.
1. What do you expect to see in 10-years time in the non-fungible field? The most creative answers count double.
We hope for a platform that will be able to tokenize and neuro-evaluate any digital entity. The value will depend on the type of entity itself, as well as the description provided by the owner. Also, chances are there might appear a separate and universal blockchain (w/its own tokens) for NFTs. Different from ETH, EOS, and so on. Or, as an option, all of the existing NFT blockchain tokens will become mutually and instantly convertible.
Probably, there will be a new class of NFTs that allows for shared ownership, and its original value would also be shared. A whole new industry for presenting digital art could emerge. What’s the point in owning a piece of art or another collectible if you cannot display it in a proper way and enjoy what you’ve spent hard-earned money on? NFTs can put an end to the era of digital piracy as they can act as licenses and regulators. Maybe, our digital personalities will be presented on the web as NFT.
2. In terms of other NFT projects, which one would you nominate for a Golden Globe and why?
I would nominate Hedgie because of their different approach to blockchain gaming projects and bringing crypto into real life in the simplest way.
3. What would you rather have - your pet cat tokenized on the blockchain or a tangible, strokable 3D-version of your favorite crypto-asset?
Strokable 3D-version of my favorite crypto-asset because most of my life is online anyway so would be nice to have something “real” outside the web.
4. A CryptoKitty and an Axie enter the ring. Who wins?
After a few seconds of fighting, they will probably get bored and sit up to discuss what other amazing things can be done within blockchain gaming field.
5. Finish the joke: "Lumi walks into a bar..."
Lumi walks into a bar, spots a very sad little dapp sitting alone in the corner, buys two drinks, walks over to the dapp’s table and says: “So I’ve heard you’ve got some wallet integration problems?”
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eating bitcoin volatility for users

there are a lot of companies focused on eating the volatility of bitcoin value for companies, but what about users? are there any companies publicly working on this? my mom won't use a bitcoin wallet if it means the next day she might have some euros less.
i have been thinking about this, and the only solution i can think of requires colored coins in some capacity, but maybe something could be done with multi-sig like hedgy is doing?
this seems to me a very crucial problem to solve for customer adoption... what are your thoughts?
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The Never Ending Poem...

So I am Oscar Busker, and I rhyme with everything and I do it entertaining, and you tip me with some bling Now this needs some explanation, it is told in poetry and I set my hat out for you, It is easy, as you see! If I win a silly Oscar, well,…who really gives a rip? Just express myself in this way, and you toss a little tip So how’s one tip in cyber? And in simple business join? Using currency of future, simply calling it “BITCOIN”
So formalities behind us, let adventure now begin And I hook you line and sinker with poetic thick and thin If you know not what is Bitcoin, never mind: It soon be clear for I show you what is freedom, when the dollar disappear! Take a look at my example, for I bought no Bitcoin yet and I simply did believe in that my prospect I will get And my talent I presented, and you, reader loved it too! And you started my adventure, making income really true! Sure! It isn’t very much yet, but I carry on my way, and endear myself to reader teaching Bitcoin every day I was taught in times long gone now, how to pinch a penny then, and have learned that wealth is gained, saving Dollar, Mark, or Yen.
Only this is somewhat different, as I hold no purse of coin rather secretly have record in my wallet called Bitcoin! No one else has access to it, and will never, ever find For it cannot be decoded, not by anyone mankind Oh you argue that the government, will eventually find out but it truly is not possible, as they do not have the clout. For each owner of a Bitcoin, shares in network of the same, and that vast computer network, is impossible to gain (by govt.) and they wring their hands in worry, for the power they have lost, and they only own the dollar, which will be their biggest loss. :)
So how could one not be happy, when no dollar one did spend?, yet one offers product “out there”, and ones value is attained! So I give a happy sidekick, knowing future is secure and I simply busk away now and poetically endure. So, Day one has come and gone now, and I write now for day two and the Bitcoin has gone crazy, when the EU broke in two. not to worry, not at all! for that currency must fall, while the Bitcoin’s getting itchy, wait for rolling of the ball! why are people still so hedgy?, Can they not foresee the hope? while they may not see in distance, they can always use the scope! As explorer ventured forth then, for his riches to attain, so we too must take a step now, and by that our hope we gain. My poetic interaction, in attempt to entertain serves in round-about perfection, also Bitcoin to explain! So I must not make this boring, and in diligence endure for my audience can’t tire, of my craft, so fun and pure. and let’s keep the learning process, happening in point by point and as lights o’r head flash brighter, and you toss me a Bitcoin! Take a look around at finance, isn’t it in royal distress? how can anyone foresee us getting out of this BIG MESS? When the powers that control us, hoard as much as possible can’t we circumvent their efforts?, and be free of their control? enter now: the one and only–way to take back our control! Where no other mortal out there can explore us like a mole! Government can not get nosy, for they can’t decode our nest and how many of you out there know that THIS IS FOR THE BEST! and the thief who wants our nest egg, cannot see what’s in our brain, and may well discover virtues, choosing honest wealthy gain, Bitcoin gives us back control, and and will not allow a thief, simply renders us more honest, giving justice some relief. and the more of us, the merrier, for we now conduct exchange, and more products on the table, ever more expand in range. So I see me on a soap box, and poetically expound, and my audience surround me, sit in circle all around, for mankind is getting hungry for economy to turn and for freedom from all lo$$e$, they with hope on hope do yearn. So I smile in grateful “thank you”, as you fill my empty hat giving me a buskers living, and I thank y’all for that!
now, who is he who by mistake thinks Bitcoin’s somehow dead??? have they not done proper research?, to educate instead? it’s plain and simple, look on graph! correlation line does rise! and deviating not one bit, in steady upward rise.
So don’t go telling, “it is dead” when clearly it is not! instead promote reality, start filling your own pot! Why is your cup at “half empty”, when mine is “halfway full”? It’s all the way you look at things, that is “the golden rule!”
Read more from Oscar Busker Here:
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Five reasons (some early) consumers will spend bitcoin and not just hoard...

One of the biggest objections to bitcoin goes something like this:
"Why would I transact in a currency that may be worth significantly more next week? I could use a single bitcoin to buy a product today and then one week from now, I technically have paid that person much more than I intended. Seems like a big incentive to hold right now vs. transact, no?"
While I agree that this limitation will prevent widespread consumer first, we don't need to go from 0 to 100 mph overnight. And it isn't that hard to make incremental progress on such a small base. Five reasons that we will start to see steadily increasing transaction volumes:
1) Diversification: Early purchases will be made by investors who have hit the jackpot as early adopters and can afford to be conspicuous consumers. (Joyrides to outer space?) Rather than diversifying away from bitcoin by cashing out through an exchange, why not instead buy things from merchants, save the 1% in conversion fees, and help demonstrate the utility of the currency to the broader market? That decision could in turn attract more speculators to pile into bitcoin and drive up the value of remaining balances.
2) Tax Benefits: This diversification by consumption is bound to happen for one simple reason: tax avoidance. First of all, it will take the IRS some time to properly define how tax rates should apply to investors who buy goods and services with appreciated securities such as bitcoin. (Senators suggested as much last week.) And even when they do define policy, it will prove very difficult in practice to levy taxes on gains that are not first converted to USD. On the other hand, it will be relatively easy to crack down on tax evaders who buy and sell through the exchanges.
3) Gifts: People who are making secret (not necessarily illicit) purchases will do so via bitcoin rather than credit card or check. Over 95% of bitcoin users are males, some of them married or in serious relationships. If you want to buy something discretely, do it with bitcoin when your significant other can't check your credit card statements (Bitcoin Friday is coming up!)
4) Bitcoin Replacement: I'm willing to bet that Coinbase comes up with an "instant replacement" program that serves as the inverse of today's "instant conversion" tool for merchants. Wallet holders with Coinbase can already place recurring buy orders through the site, so it might just be a matter of time before they also have the option to replenish the exact amount that they spend in a given transaction. Why go through that hassle instead of paying with a credit/debit card? Merchant discounts.
5) Hedge Fund "FDIC": It also seems like it will be just a matter of time before one or more enterprising hedge funds steps up to the plate and guarantees the value of bitcoin for some subset of consumers…like a private sector FDIC. Even if one of the major funds threw $50 million into a pool to test the waters it could send enormous positive signals to the rest of the community. In the event of gains, maybe the user and the hedge funds split 50-50. In return, the hedge fund could backstop any potential losses. If you are a bitcoin bull, this seems like a helluva deal for both hedgies and consumers.
These stimuli won’t solve bitcoin's volatility problems any time soon, but they might prove to be the abutment (new word of the day!) in the bridge from today's reality to a future where bitcoin is a mainstream global currency. In the meantime, bitcoin will continue to trade like a speculative investment rather than a currency. The majority of interest still comes from the investment community. But there is a path to greater consumer adoption.
More content like this by subscribing to my "Daily Bit" digest (email [email protected]) or following me on twitter).
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Hack Bitcoin Wallet - YouTube BITCOIN, GOLD & SP500 - Alle Assets werden steigen!!! Die ... penghasil bitcoin gratis tercepat 100% membayar - YouTube Backup your bitcoin Hexa Wallet - YouTube BITCOIN STEHT KURZ VOR EINEM AUSBRUCH!!! Gute Nachrichten ...

Man sagt, dass die Technologie hinter Bitcoin eine Menge Veränderungen in unseren Alltag bringen wird.Ob Speichermöglichkeiten, Urheberschutz oder Smart Contracts; wir haben schon öfter darüber berichtet. Nun sind auch Risikokapitalinvestoren auf das große Potenzial aufmerksam geworden und haben US $ 1,2 Mio. in Hedgy investiert. A new startup named Hedgy is looking to tackle one of bitcoin’s biggest problems – volatility. While an entire industry including payment processors, wallets and data-driven tools has been built around bitcoin, the thorny issue of how to reduce its volatility against more familiar fiat currencies still remains. The team at Hedgy thinks that the ability […] How Hedgy Works. A bitcoin miner will first “hedge” bitcoins at a price of perhaps $250/BTC for 30 days. Then an indicator of Interest is sent to the Hedgy Chat. To initiate in a smart contract, a pre-contract negotiation is made directly with counterparties. Once the terms are agreed upon by the counterparties, the contract is submitted to the Hedge Oracle to create and settle the smart ... Blockchain – bitcoin wallet is also the best digital wallet app that permits the usage of bitcoin and Ethereum, making it safe, easy, and fun. You may securely save your funds and without difficulty transact with each person internationally. There are more than 17 million people, who are using this application. It also offers the top in the class to help the team in an effort to be ... Oct 18, 2014 - The startup wants to help merchants, investors and others avoid problems associated with bitcoin's unpredictable pricing behavior. More information A new startup named Hedgy is looking to tackle one of bitcoin’s biggest problems – volatility.

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Hack Bitcoin Wallet - YouTube

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