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{Pre-Proposal} Decred India Community : New User Education, Content Distribution, Translations, PR & Social

{Pre-Proposal} Decred India Community : New User Education, Content Distribution, Translations, PR & Social

Decred India Community PRE-PROPOSAL

New User Education, Content + Translations, PR + Social
Project Summary
The Decred India Project is a new-user education & awareness campaign designed help Decred make rapid inroads in the Indian subcontinent and significantly expand Decred’s global footprint.

Through a powerful combination of High-Quality Video Content Creation, Social + PR and Regional Translations, we aim to seed a passionate group of early adopters in India who can in turn become Decred ambassadors.
India accounts for nearly 10% of the global crypto trading volume and consists of nearly 1/6th of the world’s population with fast rising mobile connectivity. India also receives the highest amount of remittances in the world ($80Bn) and has a massive pool of Remote Developers making India an ideal ground for innovation in crypto-use cases.

Additionally, India is on the cusp of announcing regulations for the crypto, which has the potential to increase trading volumes manifold.

Despite many such favourable macro-indicators, the Indian Subcontinent has largely been under the radar for most Blockchain projects. India has a growing community of blockchain Enthusiasts, Developers and Traders. Through this campaign, we hope to lay the foundation for a building a strong Decred Community in India and help Decred expand.

Project Motivation
Due an eclectic combination of economic factors & technology trends, the Indian Subcontinent (India+ Neighbouring Countries) holds immense promise for establishing genuine use cases for Decred.

Here are some interesting facts which make India an attractive market for Decred :

a) India is the World’s largest Remittance market ($80 Billion/Yr).
b) India has amongst the largest communities of Developers, receiving payments for their work through global remittance systems like SWIFT, Paypal and Western Union .
c) India has nearly 500 Million Mobile Users with access to 4G data plans starting at $2/Month.d) In 2016, a controversial fiscal reform demonetized 85% of the currency overnight. While this initially led to widespread panic, this reform gave a boost to digital payments in the country. Additionally, business relying on Digital payments Uber, Amazon & Paytm are scaling rapidly.
e) Indians cumulatively are the world’s largest holders of Gold. As crypto awareness rises across the world, it is possible that crypto starts making making a small dent in the “storage of value” market.
f) India is on the cusp of regulating the blockchain industry with the Supreme Court of India directing the Governments to frame rules for the regulation of the crypto industry. This can be a major step forward for the entire ecosystem.

A large number of users who will engage with our campaign will be learning about Blockchain technology for the first time, giving us the opportunity to capture mindspace early. While a small community of users in India have heard about Bitcoin, there is very little understanding of the governance issues that plague it. Our project in due course will also go on to highlight ways in which Decred is a much more robust technology thus deserving of consumer faith.

Project Details

This integrated community proposal has five major deliverables : Content+Translations, Content Distribution, Local PR and anActionable Report. Here are some more details about our proposed project.

a) Creating High-quality Video content about Decred

As part of this project, we will create 2 high quality Animated videos about Decred, targeted at first time users. All these videos will be also be made available in Hindi (330M Speakers) , Bengali (261M Speakers) besides English, making a total of 6 videos available to different segments of users.

VIDEO 1 : Explaining the basics of Blockchain technology to new users using Decred as an example.
VIDEO 2 : Introducing Decred to the audience in a simple and engaging manner.

Here is an example of some content we have created previously for the Dash Blockchain.

b) Multi Channel Digital Marketing efforts to reach out to a set of passionate early adopters
To ensure the content is widely seen, we will run a small marketing campaign on Youtube and Facebook to attract a set of early adopters and establish a strong social media presence across multiple languages across channels like Facebook & Twitter relevant to the Indian Subcontinent.

c) Interface with local vernacular media for traditional coverage
While global PR is great, the best way to reach audiences is to get coverage on media that the average user reads. We will be reaching to different publications in India and sharing details about the Decred India initiative and our developed content as is necessary.

d) Action Plan : Report
At the end of the project, the project will present the Decred Community with an actionable report on our work and ways to further scale up in the Indian Market. This report based on our experience in India will likely provides insights into marketing for developing countries.

The project cost is estimated at 300 DCMonth and will be executed over 3 months. Here is a brief breakdown of costs.
300 DCR x 3 Months
About Us

Blocknext is a boutique marketing focused firm passionate about promoting the use of Blockchain technology to new users. We specialize in Growth engineering and our team comprises of experienced marketers, developers and graphic designers.

Our Founder, Gaurav Gupta is a Marketing Technologist, specialising in making marketing more effective through Lean acquisition at scale, simplifying on-boarding processes, Funnel optimisation and Marketing automation.He has led marketing for internet businesses like :
Squads.Com(Amsterdam, Remote Top Talent Freelancing Teams)
Labster.Com (Swiss Education Virtual Reality Business, Raised $13M)
Bridallive.Com (Atlanta, #1 Solution for Bridal Shop Management).

He has worked with businesses in industries such as SAAS, Virtual Reality Education, Agile Software Development across China, India, US, Latin America, and the Netherlands.As a Marketing Technology Consultant for Philips (on contract through Squads.Com), Gaurav led an in-depth Market research and Analysis project for a consumer healthcare product in China.

He has worked with businesses in different sectors like SAAS, Virtual Reality Education across China, US, Australia, Netherlands and India.
He offers an alternate approach to marketing and usability for Technology Products, side-stepping the need for large marketing spends to increase product adoption.

This Project will begin on receiving the approval of the Decred Community and will be executed within the next 90 Days.
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Anonymous Bitcoin ($ANON) Official Bounty Campaign

Official Bounty Campaign

Anonymous Bitcoin (“ANON”) is an advancement of the technology of both the Bitcoin and ZClassic blockchain through a co-fork of both cryptocurrencies. We are introducing differentiating factors deemed important by the community that set us apart from previous forks. Some of these factors include staking through use of masternodes, increased block size and a transparent development process. The Development team will be sharing updates constantly. The fork will provide a 1:1 ratio of Anonymous Bitcoin(“ANON”) to all holders of ZClassic (“ZCL”) and Bitcoin (“BTC”).
We are currently working to be listed on multiple exchanges while introducing a complete package of privacy and long-term utility. Anonymous Bitcoin intends to improve upon the way the crypto community utilizes privacy as well as reinvent the way “no coiners” view crypto. As effective communication is key to mass adoption, our marketing strategy aims to reach those not already involved in the cryptosphere.

Website | Executive Summary | White Paper Fork Date: September 10th, 2018


We at Anonymous Bitcoin (“ANON”) are excited to announce that we are launching our Official Bounty Campaign! Our program aims to reward supporters who help raise awareness and spread the message of ANON in the greater crypto community. The campaign focus is centered on high quality content creation and community engagement, with various ways for everyone to contribute.

Bounty Fund:

5,500 ZCL*approx. $55,000 USD as of 6/17/2018


10 weeksJune 18th, 2018 — August 26, 2018


1 week within campaign ending


→ Content Creation: 35\% (1950 ZCL)→ Social Media: 32\% (1750 ZCL)→ Signatures: 15\% (800 ZCL)→ Engagement: 8\% (450 ZCL)→ Translations: 5\% (300 ZCL)→ Excellence Reserve: 5\% (250 ZCL)

General Terms and Conditions

In order to participate, users must follow 4 of ANON’s social accounts and confirm during registration:

ANON TelegramANON DiscordANON TwitterANON YoutubeANON MediumANON Reddit


The reward currency is ZCLASSIC ($ZCL)You will need to acquire a ZCL wallet address prior to registering.ZCL is currently trading on Bittrex and Cryptopia.



Designed to allow ANON community “creators” the opportunity to develop quality content in various media formats to spread the word and excitement about Anonymous Bitcoin.

► Articles / BlogsThis campaign is limited to 100 articles. Rates:



► VideosThis campaign is limited to 100 videos. Rates:



► InfographicsThis campaign is limited to 100 images. Rates:



Brand assets can be found HERE
Send me a PM with the following information: (either Bitcointalk or onTelegram)
1.) Bitcointalk username:
2.) Twitter Handle:
3.) Telegram Handle:
4.) ZCL Wallet Address:
5.) Copy of image(s) submitted:
Track your participation HERE


Enabling core supporters and key influencers to extend the reach of ANON by harnessing the power of their social networks.

► Twitter This campaign is limited to 150 Participants Rates:




Allowing key ambassadors from Bitcointalk to advocate for ANON and spread awareness within the key blockchain community forum.

► Bitcoin TalkThis campaign is limited to 40 Participants Rates:




Fostering a dedicated and passionate ANON community by rewarding and recognizing those who go above and beyond to contribute in our social channels.

► Telegram Rates:



► Discord Rates:



► Best Comments Rates :



► Supporter Appreciation Rates:




Harnessing the expertise of the community to provide multilingual resources for an international community that has shown strong interest.



Languages Targeted Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Russian, Czech, Hindi, Punjabi, Turkish, Indonesian,



Acknowledging greatness and achievement

250 ZCL reserve to be used at the discretion of the ANON team to reward, incentivize and celebrate excellence within the ANON community during the bounty campaign.

Examples of triggers for the reserve allocation:
For questions, help or concerns please join the ANON Bounty Program Telegram:
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Website Updates & Planned Features

More information is posted at
11th Nov 2017
5th Nov 2017
30th Oct 2017
28th Oct 2017
23rd Oct 2017
21st Oct 2017
20th Oct 2017
19th Oct 2017
18th Oct 2017
17th Oct 2017
16th Oct 2017
15th Oct 2017
14th Oct 2017
13th Oct 2017
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